MTV is the root of all evil

I am a teenager still enrolled in high school. I see my peers controlled by the media… particularly mtv. Kids watch this shit all day, with rap gods and movie stars treating women like objects, a peice of meat. Materailise is idlised, making that new sking care prodoct apeat just as necisary purpose. My friends dream of spinning rims and escalades. Fashion designers trying to sell an identity to nieve kids who were raised by tv wrather than 2 loving parents. I see this “entertainment” undermining traditional values such as love and self worth for greed, sex and fame. Mtv has turned the attention of youth tward them self wrather than others. We have become entirly concerned with the opionion of others we have forgoten who we are. If there is an evil corporation it isn’t nike with their sweat shops. It isn’t Enron and their scams. It is mtv. When i have kids of my own there wont be a single tv in the house.

Kids are stupid, heh, heh, heh.
Follow them at your own peril.

Mass production has destroyed the amerikan family, mom and pop can’t be home because they must leave the house to produce.

It really is a Disneyland for Dummies and it will shut down when the time is right.