My Analytical proof that god doesn't exist

This is rather badly formulated and crude, but have a look nonetheless.

God is taken to be omnipotent (which means that he is capable of anything)

Question: could god create a kebab so big that even he couldn’t eat it?

If he could create the kebab then he’d be unable to eat it, meaning there would be a thing that he could not do and is therefore not omnipotent.

He’s also not omnipotent if he couldn’t create the kebab as it would a thing he is incapable of.

Therefore the only valid conclusion is that god is not omnipotent and consequently not a god.

Feel free to shoot all sorts of proverbial holes in this rather flimsy piece of reasoning.

A kebab too big for an omnipotent being to eat describes a logically impossible entity like a square circle or the biggest number. An omnipotent being could therefore not create one (just as it couldn’t create a square circle) but would still be omnipotent.


Omnipotent does not mean ‘is able to achieve anything imaginable’

Rather, it should be taken to mean ‘anything possible’.

‘omnipotent’: ‘an ability to achieve anything within the realms of possibility’.

True. The confusion arises in the fact that logically impossible actions grammatically sound as if they are indeed actions (even as within this sentence) when really they are not.

how’d i know you’d somehow bring kebabs into philosophy thews? … 6&t=138530

If God didn’t exist, there wouldn’t be any Atheist. :blush: GK Chesterton

Goodness, we know he doesn’t exist! If god wanted us to be loving and caring and all this stuff he would of made us that way. GOD MADE US WHO WE ARE! So why feel guilty when you do such daft things? If he wanted us to be more into solving problems like world hunger and world peace we would be much more strongly motivated to deal with those issues more so then buying celebrity magazines and checking out the latest Ikea deals. I always thought if god wanted to feed the hungry, he would feed them.

There’s something out there, but its not god. We were created so there must be a creator. What ever it is I really don’t think it gives a damn about you. I think your addiction to love has made him in such a loving image.

“…in other words, uses the neural mechanisms that are activated during the process of addiction. “We are literally addicted to love,” Dr Young observes.”

The truth sucks, that’s why you are so good at lying.

Hehehe! If God is capable of anything and He makes a kebab too big to eat, he’ll just shrink it. Wouldn’t he? Your analytical proof goes poof :laughing:

To say the least, I don’t think God exists in the sense that He created us, but I feel that God does exist in the sense that WE create Him because of the experiences we go through in our life. So, let’s say you experience a lot of pain in your life, then you’ll create a power so big that WILL bring you profound happiness. You can’t stop it. Also, praying to God doesn’t mean ANYTHING. God is a creation of our own mind, but once created I believe HE occupies presence, then you can’t deny it or make it disappear for yourself, it’s there. And based on your experiences, this presence will bring you happiness accordingly. That’s what I believe. And I believe in re-incarnation too, but how it’s connected or if it’s connected to some God, I don’t know.

In other words, we would be biological machines, incapable of being anything but loving and caring and would bang the drum until our battery ran out.

What an original way out of any ethical argument that could be posed. Of course it can only be suggested by someone who has had the luck of being born in relative abundance, who couldn’t care less about anybody on the planet than himself, who is completely ignorant of where the militancy in this world is born but rightly calls himself “INoNothing” - even if that is wrongly spellt.


Hey Bob!

“Of course it can only be suggested by someone who has had the luck of being born in relative abundance, who couldn’t care less about anybody on the planet than himself, who is completely ignorant of where the militancy in this world is born but rightly calls himself “INoNothing” - even if that is wrongly spellt.”

He’s only a kid - leave him alone! He’s just at the beginning of his journey. Hey, all kids think they know it all, especially young men - you can’t tell 'em anything!

When you get to about fifty you begin to realise, and profoundly so, (like it’s not just from the lips,) that you know fuck-all but you know a damn sight more than any kid. So go easy on the poor children!

Just remember, you see 'em, at the age of three or four, beaming all over their faces as mom takes them to Santa’s grotto. And then what happens? A few short years and all their happy world is shattered. So young INoNothing is being positive and constructive and doing the best he can under god-alone-knows what circumstances to mend and repair his fractured world.

And to some extent we’re all at it. So go easy eh?

Love :wink:

Aw, sorry Dad! But he started…

My math/logic view of the problem:
I say it can work both ways, proving ‘god’ all powerful or not.

The way the question is stated, it’s just a dilemna your trying to through the person who answers it into.

But watch what happens when you split the terms:
(I’ll do this because if you have an equation with the # (18) in it anywhere
you would be able to replace the (18) with (9*2) and still get the same answer.

So; I’ll say that-- God = All-Powerful Being and All-Powerful Being = God.


Can [an] All-Powerful Being create a kebab so big that even God can’t eat it?
—If the answer is ‘yes’ then look, God’s not as omnipotent as people crack him up to be, some other ‘being’ can create situations that even the “Great God of All” can’t handle.


Can God create a kebab so big that even [an] All-Powerful Being can’t eat it?

—If the answer is ‘yes’ then look, God’s so damn powerful an All-Powerful Being will get his ass handed to him when he steps up to the plate. Kinda ironic for the description of “All-Powerful”

The whole situation doesn’t so much bring light on to much, it’s just a irritating way to get on some theists nerves.

I think what needs to be looked at is whether or not the definition of ‘omnipotent’ (as mentioned by gavtmcc) is accurate. Isn’t it conceivable that its within the realm of possibility to change the realm of possibility?

Hint hint, we already are that way!

Maybe its the end because its correct. He made us desire what we desire. Genetic have such control over our life.

had the luck of being born in relative abundance

I agree, I am a spoiled little boy compared to many but I didn’t choice to live this life so im not going to feel bad about it. Maybe one day I will do something great for everyone, only if that is intended by “god” I know lots of people in this world suffer, what’s your point? Are you masturbating with your ego, trying to put me down so you can feel better because you think you have a better grasp of things then i do?

“INoNothing” - even if that is wrongly spellt.
That’s the point bob, idiot. Emphasizes that I know nothing which ties into what the old phrygianslave the wise said

Bob- what an uncreative name, you must not be very creative. But hey, maybe you like bob so why should I even bother making fun of your name? Why should you even bother poking fun at mine?

So does phrygianslave the wise agree with me or bob? Have not mercy phrygianslave the wise, mercy only leads to more bobs, and the good lord him self doesn’t want that. I know so because that’s my opinion.

Anyways phrygian, thanks.

And bob, something died today so you could live more comfortably, so i will see you in hell.

Exodus 20:12 :you shall not kill" Never said what not to kill, just dont kill ok.

Much love!

Hey INoNo!

No problem!

Hope you two are gonna shake hands now!

Love you both,



Did bob turn mute?

there are many bob’s and knobs in the world, but i… i am SANCHO.

does Phrygian’s assertion mean that god exists for people at a certain age? do we all start out with an atheistic tendency and become theists on growing old? or is it the fear of death and hell? questions all.