My best guesses on a couple potential sock puppets...

I could be wrong of course. I’m notoriously bad at figuring out sock puppets.

You treat me a lot like uccisore did.

Uccisore also had that cryptic quote about the board being pissed if we found out who he was.
At first I thought he might be james …

It makes sense since they both went under at the same time.

Iambiguous, however, you eerily treat me the same way uccisore did.


In the end IQ is both measured and subsumed by production capacity.

This is what defeats Marxism. Marxism doesn’t account for IQs above that of Marx. Which would have been around 170, is my estimation. Both Nietzsche and Lenin were higher than that. Stalin around that.

What I mean is, the genius IQ set in motion forces of production and creation and assembly and dissimulation and adaptation and evolution through forming a company, or even a corporation, or even a syndicate. This is the power of Intelligence over dumb labour.


Question to prove 120 IQ.

There is by definition an ultimate IQ, the so manieth standard deviation from the average of the whole human population must consist of one or less members. What is this IQ?

Come on, after I evolved into you, that made Ecmandu a cinch.

Ahh… any average genius can violate consent and dominate …

The hard one is eradicating consent violation.

My anger has already destroyed this world before.

My dominance stance on remote controlling people electronically … all that shit.

And then lo and behold!

I was just projecting!

What a little shit that I truly was!

I’d like to believe that uccisore vacated the premises on account of me. Indeed, over the years I have toppled any number of hard-core objectivists.

It’s not what they believe that I go after but that what they believe revolves more or less around this: viewtopic.php?f=15&t=185296

Of course the fucking Kids here are immune to arguments that are actually reasonable. :wink:

Ahh… c’mon. I transcended that link when I defined definition and proof for you.

Thanks for proving my point.

Its been done though. Had to reformulate the problem though so its not exactly been done. But its been shown for what it is, and how it works. The path of not violating structural integrities.

But not embodied a planet yet.

EQ, or EIQ that is also interesting. Caesar and people like that had it. Anyone who makes it to President of the US has a bunch of it.
Its not nobility but facility.

Also important. Oil, for the engine. But people with strong EQs don’t tend to dwell on mental problems a lot. They just flow through people and get what they want by being perceived to give people what they want. They tend to notice how thought and explanation stands in the way of all that.

To be emotionally smart you need to know where people hurt and where they believe they can be saved from it. Thats the only way to get a person to open up to you beyond how open they are to themselves.

Well, I’ve made myself abundantly clear on this:

The whole world hurts me.

My only salvation is hyperdimensional mirror realities, constructed not through technology, but from the fullness of my being itself.

Never this clear though.

what is the physical activity in which the hurt bothers you the least? if I m ay ask with your consent, which is doubtful I guess.

The rule of thumb emotionally is don’t say what you want but just go for it and you might get it. Say what you want and people will use it as leverage on you.

This web of feeling that unfolds when things aren’t said is deeply intense for mental people. The most desirable women stand at the crossroads of these webs, hence the attraction of stockings. They are cold creatures, lizard like, except when they find love, of which they are capable. Thank god for that. Because there is mercy even though it is only in the whim of what we can call earthly royalty.
This whim is surely traceable to a truth, but that would be forgery. One must respect the whim of mercy. It is the only way mercy can survive in this world, as a bird that can come and go as it pleases. It is a sensitive creature.

My biggest anger with people now and in the past, is that we’ve gone through all these ages, for example: this is the Information Age, but! The most important age has yet to come: the age of consent.

I hate my anscestors and I hate all of you.

I’m a really nice person though, with a shit ton of trauma, so it doesn’t always come across …

But I’m not only disappointed by this species… these maniacs are threatening me personally (everyone in the species). If I thought I could kill one or even 7 billion people to make it right, I would in a heartbeat.

But that’s just delusion, so I kill no one, and am polite to people

Thats not good.

Being a hyper empath, when people hurt themselves (which they are on a massive scale) they also hurt you.

Eventually, you just want the hurt to stop.

When artimas goes on about, “life is pain and embrace it, or you will suffer”

Artimas doesn’t have my reference point for attacks of the spirit and the eternal implications of such.

He’s arrogant.

Would I hurt him like I’ve been hurt to teach him?

Hell no!

But it also gives him the luxury to be that arrogant, condescending and glib, and that hurts me.

You cant embrace it, but you have to melt the pain.
this is why spirit is fire.

(Pain/sorrow is metal, in Chinese medicine)

We don’t have structural ways of dealing with cosmic excess pain. But there are whole cultures whose basic substance is such rituals. Like the Philippines where they crucify people with easter and their wounds are healed, or not, in any way they just carry on the next day.

Melted pain is still pain, just like steam, water and ice are all h2o…

It’s not alchemy at all, and alchemy is what I need.

I can easily prove that all men in human history are happy rapists, and all women are happily willing accomplices to their rapes. This means that people will rape each other in non sexual ways, including the environment. That is a immanent threat to me, all these assholes are threatening my physical and spiritual safety, and they enjoy it. I’m astounded that I can even look people in the eye anymore.

I’m so ashamed of them.