My best guesses on a couple potential sock puppets...

I think peacegirl is trixie

I think iambiguous is uccisore

Uccisore is the only other true sociopath that I’ve seen on ILP.

oh please. you know there has been only one at ilp who has walked the true path of the socio. ahem the others are posers who think it’s cool to be madmen, or just mentally awkward and harmless like that cheswick dude in one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.

no way is trixie peacegirl. trixie is that lordoflight person i think… and they just recently posted an attempt to prove freewill (which flopped).

and uccisore is merely a christian, so is unable to walk the path of the socio. one must have a certain degree of intellectual grit, power of will, and insight into the the great and secret ironies of existence (which i shall not disclose at this juncture).

I know trixie is lord of light, I just though trixie was trying really hard as peacegirl not to seem like trixie at all (some similarities)

Uccisore did once say to the board that if we all knew who he was we’d all be pissed.

Iambiguous is definitely a Christian masquerading as an atheist (in a no god world how can morality exist?). Over and over again and again, and he’s socio like uccisore too

I don’t think so.

Trixie is lord of light as we all know but she is not peacegirl as she was here before Trixie
Their posting styles are entirely different and the actual topics that they post in as well
Ecmandu may be a genius but he is also very paranoid as this thread of his demonstrates

He is a genius?


Like, how?

Yes. I am very paranoid. That’s true.

I’m a genius by definition, not because my output is genius. People who have genius level output are called super geniuses.

My personal take is that some of my output is genius.

He might once have claimed an IQ of I80 which would make him a genius
Trixie is a genius as her IQ is even higher and so we have not one but two

I stated that one of my cousins IQ is 180.

Mine is 160. Actually, I basically have all the same stats as Einstein, except it’s all wired differently than his. I have a 160, but an extremely high spatial iq, off the chart, just like Einstein … I can simulate complex thoughts in pictures in my head very easily

I wanted to add to this.

So people have some really high iqs, but they’re only known for that, they are not super geniuses.

Archimedes is considered the greatest super genius of all time, partly because he discovered “mass”, are you fucking kidding me! ? That’s serious super genius!!

The greatest genius of all time is Leonardo not Archimedes

It’s Archimedes trust me. Half of Leonardo’s technical drawings came from stuff Archimedes invented.

Sorry to call you dude, but!

Dude! Do you realize how big of a concept mass truly is.

E=mc^2… the m is mass!

The periodic tables…

Archimedes was the renaissance …

Until the dark ages came…

Leonardo was not on Archimedes level at all.

The greatest genius of all time is Leonardo not Archimedes

The second greatest genius of all time is Newton so still not Archimedes[/b]

Again, sorry to call you dude, but!

Dude! Archimedes founded the branches of science known as physics and chemistry.

He founded that!

He had the most impact of any single individual (unless you believe in god myths) of any single person in world history.

Physics AND chemistry!!!

Founded them both !!

One person!!

Ecman is right about Archimedes.

Since - ahem - since there is a number of other “gifted” folk out bere, really we should be capable of some nifty stuff if we conspired to get some gains out of our brains.


Okay, I admit it. I’m Ecmandu.

That was what Archimedes was doing you know. He wasn’t doing his thinking neutrally, but he was completely occupied in advantaging his own city state. This tells you a thinker is often not a nihilist, he is not “objective in his values”, he has passions for specific earthly things.
Because, he exists. He doesn’t stand on the sidelines, like an objectivist.
He discovered objective truths, but that doesn’t mean he thinks of these as higher than the hearts of his fellows.

It wouldn’t even be impossible to believe that you evolved into Ecmandu.

Lets see what Ecmandu has to say.