My Favourite Video Game Music.

Much nostalgia here. This is only the first load, folks!

SNES Stunt Trax FX - “Night Owl”


GENESIS Super Hang-On - “Winning Run”

SNES Flashback - “Conrad’s Memories”

SNES Shadowrun - “Walking the shadows”

GENESIS Bio-Hazard Battle - Stage 2 and 6

GENESIS Revenge of Shinobi - “Terrible Beat”

idem - “Long Distance”

GENESIS Streets of Rage - “Moon Beach” (Round 3)

idem - “The Last Soul” (Round 8)

idem - Big Boss

idem - Bad Ending

idem - Intro (not just the music!)

GENESIS Streets of Rage 2 - “Go Straight” (Round 1)

First I will list the game, then the system, then the song.

Michael Jackson’s Thriller-Sega Genesis-“Beat It (Instrumental)”

Grand Theft Auto-Playstation-“Grand Theft Auto” (Credited to Da Shootaz)

The Legends of Zelda A Link To The Past-Super Nintendo-“Main Theme”

Final Fantasy III (Japan FF VI)-Super Nintendo-Music in Village of Narshe

Ridge Racer-Playstation-“Rare Hero”

I have to chime in and say that I love the music in Twisted Metal: Black, especially Vesti la Giuppa. There’s something absolutely charming about listening to opera while blowing shit up.

There is a song on the .Hack games for the PlayStation 2 that I liked. Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker had a good intro theme song. Also, speaking of Twisted Metal, Twisted Metal 4 had a Rob Zombie song that I liked.

Legend Of Zelda: Windwaker Prologue -

Twisted Metal 4 -

Oh, and of course my new favorite, Mirrors Edge theme song Still Alive.

Mirrors Edge: Still Alive -

When ever I practice parkour I think of this song.