My first video in years - inspired by Fixed

I took ALL of my past videos down.

This is the only video on my account right now that’s public.

I just watched your video.

My only solution would be for people to live minimalistic austere lives,
and have access to free energies more fully, like solar is similar to free energy.

That can help free up our minds to work the problem, but it’s not a solution.

I opened up comments on my video because I thought it might stimulate more traffic.

My second new video:

Ec I like this second one even better.Reminds me oan anecdote.

This Catholic guy goes to churich. He goes to confession before communion, and says, “Forgive me father for I sinned.”

The priest asks about his sin and the guy says i only have one.

"What is it my child, ?

The guy says
" I hate people"
The priest retorts,
“Then You’re forgiven because I do too.”

Why do you expect God to act like a genie?

I expect nothing less of a hypothetical omnibenevolent creator of all to supply eternal happiness to an infinite number of individually different beings.

You kept trying to tell me that nobody can learn.

That’s not true. God can make movies or books that let us look at different aspects of reality that make us curious, and we may choose those to learn. And again, we can learn at any pace we want; at any level of difficulty we want… forever.

Like I already stated: What we want and what we need are two different things. You are not understanding what I wrote. If you choose only what makes you happy, you won’t learn anything new. It’s a logical impossibility to learn from what you already understand.

The reason you know what tastes great is because you know what taste horrible. Without the other, there is no distinction.

Some people like all foods.


You’re actually starting to should like Trixie here.

You think everyone has to suffer to appreciate life, and appreciating life is only being exactly like you.

If someone watches a horror film in a reality where they’re always getting what they want, and watch the movie and become curious about it… what they now want, is to explore it. They may spend 5 minutes in it and say, “well this sucks, I’m out”. Maybe 500 trillion years later they get interested again and make it to ten minutes this time! And then say, “well this sucks! I’m out!”

Then maybe 10 trillion googleplex years later they make it through the whole nightmare…

“And then say, hmm… wasn’t worth it”

Now take a masochist. That’s their heaven.

Stop trying to be a dictator with everyone’s forever on your terms. Every being in existence has a unique individuated heaven.

It’s not cool that you’re a holdout for how everyone has to or wants to learn on someone else’s terms besides their own terms.

God has many mansions in Heaven.

Why do you keep acting as though isolating every spirit into a reflected lie will be an improvement?

You do not process what I write. You invent instead of actualize. Where did I mention FOOD?

Wendy, a reflection from a parabolic mirror isn’t even reversed. It’s how other people see you. The lie is when you look into a regular mirror.

This can actually be accomplished without hyperdimensional mirrors.

The way that this is done is that the hypothetical omnibenevolent (good lord - lol) creator actually marionettes non sentient beings and uses all sensory power to put its eyes in a non corporeal form that is all pervasive (except for the marionettes ) directly, microscopically around the marionette so that it sees the color of my eyes in a sentient way, using the consciousness signature of that exact being without the being actually being sentient… then marionettes theneing to say I have pretty blue eyes (which everyone says)… of course in ways unique to them.

All of this can be done without even hurting the hypothetical creator.

You see Wendy, when you’re an empath like me, you actually think about what it’s like to not burden the hypothetical creator as well.


We’re in a forever hell realm.

Wendy, you wrote it for the whole board to see,

I know there are beings getting desperate in you.

You actually DID write this as the last paragraph of the post I responded to:

“The reason you know what tastes great is because you know what taste horrible. Without the other, there is no distinction.”

You are adamant that solitary confinement is beneficial. Spirits, energies, do better together than alone.

Where did I write FOOD? You are imagining that I meant FOOD. Imagining! We can taste more than FOOD!


You can reflect spirits with PERFECT fidelity.

PERFECT!! (If that’s what YOU choose).

Shit you’re being so narcissistic right now.

If it makes someone have an orgasm to cut their big toe off, and then it grows right back, and they do this forever. As long as it makes them thrilled with forever, I don’t give a fuck. I’m not trying to be a dictator - you are. Your narcissism at this point is undeniable, totalitarian, evil and fierce.

I’ve been to hell. The only thing I learned from it is that it’s not worth it and teaches nothing.

Earlier, in another thread, you said Heaven is lazy, Hell is where you learn. I agree that Hell wakes you up and makes you pay attention, to mind your P’s and Q’s. Hell taught you that you do not like it. You learned something from Hell. It’s difficult for me to keep up when you keep contradicting yourself.

It’s not quite the contradiction you think.

In my video I said that in a negative zero sum reality that I refuse all sexual activity. Consensually so.

That doesn’t make me an incel.

BUT!!! I do not consent to a reality where sex will send everyone to hell forever (which our current one is). I ultimately want to live in a reality where sex is not just hellbait for all beings who exist in all of existence forever.

To accomplish this, reality needs to be reconstructed from the ground up. That’s the lesson. Since I learned it, I see no meaning or lesson in anyone else learning it. It just needs to be fixed.

So this contradiction you’re eluding to is narrowly contextual (a negative zero sum reality) or ultimate (a positive non zero sum reality).

Video #3 !