My Gods are Great.

Meaning basically, Great = my Gods.

So where … do you come off … I mean, speak for your Gods. Lemme know. Are they great?


I know I didn’t tell the why in my little discourse.

Its important to know though. Religion is shait, if the Gods aren’t deeply revered. Gods yet make you crazy with happiness. Else I mean, why call em gods.

My Gods are exceptionally great. How about yours. I don’t care about yours. Except… if you make me.

My God is the universe, harmonious, epic, fulfilling, and streaming with magical, fully realized energy for the brightest world awareness imaginable, from the Force in Star Wars, to actualizing God’s grid of chess pieces, His avatars (Us) if We let Him “play Us” the right way.

Existence is so overwhelming, so magnificent, arousing, and crystallizing of the most outrageous and yet daringly innovative solutions that ever ground into our whirling cake walk of a blissful paradigm we immerse and situate, possess and sprinkle into our full color outburst of emotions.

So ya, this cosmic game we find ourselves fully unraveling through the power of science is a birthright to extend, cherish, flourish, and synthesize into our terminals of experience.

And the experience of God fill us with passion enables us to place of all of the majestic qualities of the divine into the box we’re currently inhabiting.

Perhaps maybe 1 day, We’ll transcend God, and reinvent the canopies of creation.

If God created creation, then creation is Him (an extension of Him, His Will). Essentially, God expresses Himself through nature, realizes all of the possibilities of Hid infinitude through the glass prism of Us.

My higher power is non contradiction.

It’s the master of all beings.

Can non contradiction be embodied?

I wouldn’t be suprized, but, if it is, there will be no greater being.

I’m on the quest of non contradiction, and when I find a contradiction, I change everything about me in the spot.

That is my true master.

What’s yours?

My god is knowledge/subconscious and unconscious interface in both reality and man’s psyche, the pressure from psyche is God’s urging to stay on a path of self fulfillment and sought understanding of the infinity/eternal knowledge that one is, discovers and may interact with.

My god is great if you heed its warnings, if not, you will be in hell and suffering, you will have created your own hell from wrongful value attribution. To be criticized by the subconscious and judged internally.

You’re trying to argue things through non contradiction.
Just like everyone: your higher power is a subset of mine


The higher force has no face. It is a force of an infinity of appearances but always the same thing to us, it’s appearance is not bound to one. The subconscious mind has an endless eternal spectrum from which it may manifest based on the individuals humility in regards to whatever that may be, in terms of imagery.

Yes, this is the truth up until the Malkuth sephira, if we take the tree downward.

In Malkuth, the Kingdom/Earth, the man finds his own gods.
This amazing grace is then lifted up to the throne of Binah.

this is an example of the remaining positive anthropomorphic theology after the more orthodox theological doctrines become doubted. ergo, artimas, from a generation coming into being after secularism and humanism and scientism has cast skepticism upon the major monothesitic systems, recovers his desire to believe in ‘god’, but through a cloudy film of new age mysticism. it’s roughly the same kind of religious language found in the ages prior to the formalization of the monotheistic doctrines. which is to say, for instance, that it retains the core elements of christianity or judaism or islam in that it’s an anthropomorphic/centric interpretation, but free from the stringent demands of any one of them. jung used to play around in this way, too. in a sense, artimas has failed to throw the bath water out with the baby.

… and this is logical next step in theology once it is realized that in conceiving of ‘god’ as transcendent, it (god) is therefore incapable of being described in any terms except as ‘that which cannot be described’. they call this ‘negative theology’; each monothesistic system ended up here eventually because in order to retain the notion that ‘god’ has an intimate relationship to man, but admit that ‘god’ is also transcendent to nature and therefore knowledge, man had to come up with a way to make ‘god’ real without being able to say a word about it (god).

then finally comes a complete return to the esoteric and occult. each stage in the evolution of religious thinking gets canceled by the stage that follows, and the progression ends up as a self-recovering circle. now to break free from the restraints placed upon the history of man’s theological thinking through these stages, man now opens the nature of ‘god’ up to any description… and anything goes once again.

my god is the flying spaghetti monster. say that it’s not. i dare you. i triple dog dare you.

The religious language even in the past had been misunderstood. I don’t participate in those misunderstandings, nor do I participate in modern misunderstandings either. God is just another label that some are not humble enough to admit that ancients knew quite a bit about the psyche and it’s functioning.

You think you don’t bow to god but every understanding you achieve, you kiss its feet. To deny god is to deny a pursuit of wisdom. Which does demand humility and responsibility. I guess these external weights cast upon by trading through an individual seeking this path are just delusions hm? Subconscious must be delusional in its providing you intuition of being harmed or an idea that you thought is great, must all be delusion, despite sciences best efforts in attempting understanding consciousness. Right? Because you know? Go write a paper, oh wait, you can’t because your mockery and rejection is false, it isn’t truth and has been based off of humanities misinterpretations, otherwise there’s be something to show for it in the last thousands of years wouldn’t there be? Don’t say science is shown either because whether science knows it or not, it discovers more of and advocates for god(wisdom/subconscious)… I know that you know deep down that there is something that lead up to us externally and is apart of us now internally. To admit such is to deny evolution. So go ahead, pick a side to defend. The determinism you defend is the god your bound to. The free will rejected is the path of understanding lost to you. Get back on the ladder and climb instead of pointing hypocritical fingers from positions that you don’t even fully understand yourself.

It’s too difficult for you to admit that your subconscious and wisdom is god hm? Too bad that the subconscious and mind needs imagery to attach to understand a message or anything with information. Too bad that’s how the mind works because otherwise I’d say you’re right in your mockery of ‘god’ and your attempt at analysis of my looking into my own mind and observing others.

He who never seeks magic will never find it.

By magic, I mean unexplained science, which only looks like a miracle by being not known by the masses or fully understood.

Do you say the subconscious is not external to consciousness? when the subconscious is what manifested the consciousness and granted our individual identities and conscious aspects of which subconsciousness/unconscious at one point -was- separate. If you don’t look into your own mind to understand it, you’re missing out.

Go ahead and worship a Flying Spaghetti Monster, false idol. You only mock what you do not understand and anyone who understands the minds functioning can point and laugh. The image is not what matters when it appears, it’s the message. It had no image to me, just showed me the string that lead to here and the string that leads from here to the future there.

It has no one face because it is wisdom, experience/reactions are infinite, continuity, not something singular or individual. There are single steps but all steps are ultimately attached to the previous and forward steps.

So tell me, what’s the message or information attached to/from the image of a Flying Spaghetti Monster? Oh wait, you made that up consciously to mock the very subconscious external to consciousness that you operate under yourself. If there is no meaningful messagery attached to the image that you can break down to understand or absorb then I think you’re worshipping false idols derived from a conscious confusion. :slight_smile:

Your rejection itself is a ceasing of a humble and open mind, a ceasing itself of pursuit in wisdom due to a false comforting of thinking you know what is. When you shut the door on what is and think the small room of mind you confine yourself in is it. Sorry, there’s much more than that and the journey is never over at a one answer. See, my god, the path in discovering and serving whether one knows/believes it or not, it, is never over. Your path of disbelief, ends. Don’t belittle yourself, you can see the nothing that is everything as well, so go see it and then talk to me with mockery.

So which one do you think is a path of cowardice? Surely not mine, since I still tread forward in an endless pursuit, Right?

nigga I don’t worship no mawfuckin’ flying spaghetti monsta! Is you crazy? I wuz just bullshittin’. Imma spinozist. Thirty-third level shit, bruh.

At least that’s a correct way of putting how/what it is… Spinozism, singular at the confinement of a point but not confined in its ability to create multiple points (reactions).

Promethean (though he really does not deserve that name, ill call him Zoot Allures) 's humility is before art. He is a religious man, just watch his videos. He completely surrenders to other peoples art.

This is what redeems him. Or rather, his opinions are what constantly bring him down like Dylan said it; “Its just absurd for people to sit around being offended by their own meaninglessness, so that they have to force everything else to come into the hole with them, and die drying.”

Dylan, who as it turns out is my favourite philosopher of the 20th century. Its not in his lyrics as much even as it is in his interviews. He never gives a straight answer, as Jadakiss says it; “tell you what I want you to know. Fuck what you ask me” except if he is criticized - he is the perfect opposite of the common slob.

My favorite philosopher is Spinoza, and His view of God I interpreted as a grand awareness, a higher serenity of peace, a throne of council to honor the way of nature, and to tap into the deepest power in the universe, realizing the infinitude of all things. The perceptible glory we capture through reason, through a humble flourishing of love and care guides us on the oldest, most experienced road to the triumph of mind. By being more locked into our own mental chambers, stationed away from the passions, or the effects, we begin to understand why we do things, and this unlocking of the causes that pull us into momentum makes us more free, because we become the initiators of change, being determined into action by our own wills rather than by external stimuli.

God here is so much of a tidal way, a swirl of polarities inscribing the most decorated powers into our human matrix, and by being guided by such a masterful power of force, we are liberated.

Thats pretty strong. I couldn’t even argue with it. Well I could but that wouldnt be beautiful.

I noticed both your favourite genius and philosopher are Jews, who “fell from the tree”, or maybe just really were its finest fruits.

To get to the centre of ones own machinations.–who-knocks-.html

Its doubtful this thing came from the Hebrews, it seems passed along from Egypt, which by archaeological records seems a remnant of Atlantis, given the oldest pyramid is the most technologically advanced.

In any case I believe, this Tree of Life, is a vessel, namely, the Ark (of the Covenant).

God Thunders his voice to reveal his supreme majesty, his absolute dominion over the territory, conceives of brilliant plans, and demolishes any remaining shreds of doubt that he will for sure overtake the entire ocean.