My message to people “who don’t want to be labeled”

There are only 3 actual sexes:
1.) male
2.) female
3.) hermaphrodite

There are only 9 actual sexual orientations:

1.) heterosexual
2.) homosexual
3.) hermaphrodite sexual
4.) transsexual sexual
5.) multi sexual
6.) age specific sexual
7.) inter species sexual
8.) inorganic sexual
9.) asexual

Gender identity only derives from the first 12 things I listed. Many of them are contradictions, but not all of them.

Here’s the deal, asking not to be labeled is like asking to be coddled in a fantasy world of no accountability in a mental hospital where people say things like “yes, Napoleon, do you want your potato’s?”

You folks are babies trying to escape how ineffectual you are, and by not having a “label”, the fact that you have completely renounced accountability in this very shitty world that we’re in. I mean, if you don’t have a label, there’s no “you” who can do anything wrong, and you never have to step up to the plate of life and make positive change in the actual world instead of your fantasy world.

Tbh, as long as whoever’s being or participating has the capacity to be so or do so from an act of informed choice or consent, who gives a shit anymore…?

I sometimes wish someone would release an incurable virus that just made everyone kinda tanned, agnosic, with wavy brownish hair, 5ft9inches tall, all speaking the same language, metabolically unable to be fat, and generically handsome/pretty, to whom the idea of patriotism was anathema, boringly hetero with an IQ of 150, and physically aged 25, but with the mentality and general life experience of someone aged 50, overnight.

Maybe then we’d actually get our asses in gear as a species. As much as diversity enriches, it’s killing us all.

You’re being very kind to think a 50 year old cognition always surpasses a 25 year old cognition. That’s not reality. I think you have to go back to the “drawing board”.

Yeah, but I was leaning more toward the fact that most 50 year olds have erm, had most of the ‘rough angles’ polished off their personality, is probably the nicest way I can put it.

That’s not to say that there aren’t plenty of 50-something assholes around, just less of them.


Yeah, the Chinese got my order wrong. They’re usually so good.

Why not just use another restaurant?

Yeah, Alice’s

You can get anything you want. Excepting Alice.

And you can get her as well, once she is out of wonderland.