My New Philosophy about life

I find life to be very ironic.

Facts about life i think are true:

  • Everybody has once lied; yet people trust each other.
  • People are the same in general; yet people want to seem different.
  • Being a loser is a "bad thing; if it wasn’t for the losers there would be no winners.
  • People are always being generous; yet its human nature to be selfish.
  • This world is ironic,; yet it makes sense.
    *This world was made from nothing; to something.
    *In this world people make sense, reason, and purpose of things;
    yet the true birth of the universe doesn’t have a reason or makes no sense or purpose.

I think its true, because im not surprised there is yet another contradiction this universe proves.
Yes, we try to see the science in nothing and something.
Humans are desperate for answers because a world that we know nothing of is scary because its instinct to be scared of something that we don’t know of.
And since we cant run away from reality we try and make sense of it.

I have though that asking question about life will help me understand life more therefore help me live it easier.
In fact, it has made it harder.

For example:

*religion & state
*evolution & modern society
*materialism & idealism
*Time & space
*Beginning but an end

they are the same…
religion- assures your existence has a purpose and that life is worth living because your deity cares
state- assures security and a good life with justice and fairness

They both want to trick us into a life that seems real but truly isn’t.
Religion just evolves according to the peoples emotions and society’s’ standards.
State evolves according to the accepted religion and manipulates on whats the “right” thing to do and live life.
In the U.S. one dollar , it says “In God We Trust”
Most people believe in god, but what about that small percent that doesn’t; thats not a fair state just opinion.
Religion and state shouldn’t base their “services” upon what people want, but on whats the truth.
It might not be what the people want but its the truth, and most people just want the truth…and even right now thats small precent that doesn’t want the truth matters.

Its been sed that modern society is very wrong in their morals.
“Study to go to a good university to get a good job and get paid good and get all the luxury you want…oh yeah and be good, and share.”
What evolution planned was just to have as much offspring of your own and help them survive.
“Make yourself attractive,then have intercourse with a “right” partner, then take care of your children, die”
These two combination’s have made today what we base our philosophy on, these two ideas are what people try to accomplish and balance both of them, what i think is going to happen is that evolution will adapt to our society standards and thats we will become less horny earlier and that women body will become “ready” later in life. To live is to change, to live is to mature. Also adjust and overcome to the changes.

I think out world is both materialistic and idealistic.
The things we see have been there but out opinions and laws about thous materials are just thoughts and the things themselves are just there and really have no purpose but are part of this temporary world.
Like optical illusions, they are there and they don’t make sense to our thoughts and at first don’t seem to make sense, but further analyzed they are just there but out brains just see some other weird thing then the actual picture, and when you understand how they work & you can control the picture and change it on how you want it to be.
Take things for what they are, and accept them…i think the best way to live our world is just to live it…because it is meant to be the way it is…or else it would have failed us already & we would be dead.

A way to travel through time is to read, because it takes your mind back and forth times fake or real , even though not exactly you.
Reading is like time traveling without leaving your present, books are made by people but imagination is made by the readers creativity and ability to understand the story…when you don’t understand the story you lose yourself in the time travel and need to start over where you got lost and take the reading path again.
I don’t know why people are so obsessed with time traveling, people just want to go back and fix the mistakes or wish they could changes something, but people aren’t thinking of time right.
Time will never stop neither will space, space just is…it is emptiness and there will be things to fill in that emptiness.
When people mention time they think of it as a movie, out life isn’t a movie…its not something that can be playing over and over again every second and you can go back to that second and leave the first second blank.
IF we leave now and go to either the future or past, then we will be nothing in the present, and therefore nothing in our future.
Its not good to live in the past.
If when you go to the past then there will be two of you, and that doesn’t make sense because there is only one true “YOU” like our own thoughts aren’t the same as the ones we have had or will have.
You are always going to the future its right now a second ahead than a second past, not exactly the “future” time travel we expect but we are advancing through time…hopefully space too. Its better to pass the time through space not in the same place because thats just not advancing, and thats the future we all want…a very distinctive advancement from the present/past.

I was thinking abotu how our general rolls in life are. We are born to die and make life a nice expirience worth it and we all pass on to humanity what we know of this world. Its like people lining up in a row and each person passing on a piece of paper for a long time, until one day the papers reaches the last person then the millions of papers,records,memories, life end. The millions of papers fall on the blank ground.
I was wondering if maybe EVERYONES EXISITANCE AND EVERYTHING, ever repeats after even the universe dies, is it born after it dies?
Are we just living in and endless chain of existence where we die and are born again in the next life of the universes? Can someone or something pick the piece of paper on the ground and put it at the beginning of the human row to start all over again?

I have to come to a little conclusion. We all live in a world of our own and a creation of everyone else…we shouldn’t pay attention to the big problems like that, but enjoy the little things. Like us, we are small compared to the universe, and our time is very limited compared to the universes,but if we focus on the big…we will lose the small parts that make up the big parts. We make up this earth even though we are small, our small time on this earth impacts large on everything, and one person can be the cause of our enjoyment in life, also the small good times we have can make life very positive. I guess im saying live for the now, and try to enjoy it…but consider the reality.

Whats your opinions?

Thank-you for your precious time.
-Sandy Gonzalez:3<3

Great read. Very wise commentary, especially from a 15 year old girl. do you come up with this yourself or is it a compilation of reading and reflection?

Edit: you seem to have made two topics, which is the topic for discussion

If you came here for psychological abuse you will have to wait till you are all growed upt…

I would suggest that you draw a line between the finite which you can know, and the infinite which none of us can know…And I would suggest that reason does not help much at all…Reason is everyones last resort, you know, like reading the destructions…When it comes to the really important things you don’t need to think, and have not got time…Morals out of reason are a poor subtitute for morals out of an emotional connectedness to people… As Anni Defranco said: We barely have time to react in life, let alone rehearse… Reason is a means of rehearsing behavior in advance, but it is a waste…Hypothetical situations, which are what people consider, to rationalize morals never happen…As one English barrister said: There are no imaginary cases… If you want to act morally then find out who you are because morals/ethics are an act out of ones character…Know your character to be moral, because we are not moral because of what we think, but because of who we are…

15 years young?!!! That was incredible Sandy!

which is why i asked her where the ideas came from.

Im sorry i haven’t responded, but my ideas came from sometimes reading, but i don’t usually read…i find it to be taking too much time. I think life is to be experienced and learned than be read by in an “instruction booklet”. Most of the time its just from thinking about small things and going more in depth with them and not taking them for granted…personal experiences or others experiences i observe. I guess there’s many things to talk about, question is which one to address first?

Isn’t who we are based on what we think? We aren’t just us because of its just our nature, we find out what we can and base our morals out of what we think matters most.and we follow our morals by our actions…and that makes us who we are.
Thank-you for the support!
Thank-you for your precious time!
-Sandy Gonzalez:3<3

That’s right Sandy. No matter how many books you read, it stil all comeback to you and how you measure things. You give the same book to 10 different people, they all interpret it in their own ways.

A little advice if i may…
If you have a passion for something, whether is it temporary or lifelong, read about it. introspection sometimes does not suffice. reading about other peoples’ ideas on the matter may make the difference between satisfying that passion you have and whirling in a spiral of confusion. the reading does not have to be long either; you can get a quick glimpse on the matter from sites like wiki. i’m not telling you read entire books as most passions do not last long enough to finish the book i.e. you get board.

Having a temporary passion for something is the best time to learn it.

By passion i mean desire if my usage confused you.

You are a very wise person to desire ‘truth’ and prioritize it above ‘fantasy’. What’s even more respectable (I’m pressed to say) is that you can adopt a mature system of thinking, even in the midst of your peers, who are nearly guaranteed not to care about ‘truth’.

It was a wonderful read and I’d comment further, but I agree with too much of it, especially your ‘Religion and State’ analysis.

Kind Regards,
~Moral Jeff

We do follow morals based on our actions and the respective consequences, but should we? Perhaps it is more the motives behind our actions than the actions themselves that make us who we are (and control how we express ourselves to others)?

Just food for thought :smiley:

I agree by the way, great post; very impressive considering your age too. I must also say I agree heavily with maestrotx – take some time to research your thoughts, even if briefly. The insight you can gain, even about yourself and your own beliefs, from a bit of reading is invaluable in my opinion. Plus, i find research keeps your mind open and your logic well practiced. Keep up the good work!

Or perhaps it is who we are that gives us the motives, the motivation and the consequences?

Just putting in a late call for virtue ethics :slight_smile:

All i can say is that i love ethics and finding out what is “right” or “wrong” in perspectives. People should follow them & act according to them…people have “morals” but very rare if they daily act according to them :smiley: i love meeting people like that, thats why i singed up here to meet people with ethics & follows them… thous kind of people are hard to find. :3<3

Every one has ethics…People are practically born with them, like emotions, and it is that emotional attachment to people that makes them moral…You have heard the expression: Blood is thicker than water…It is moral to care for those who care for us…I don’t think that part of morals is relative, but it is easier to be moral with our relatives, and it is not moral to treat strangers as well as friends or family…

Born? I don’t think we are born with them, or else there would be more people that act with though…many people act without much thought. thats just bashing your emotional attachments to your morals, morals should apply to what matters most…i guess ur right if you find your family more important than others. For all we know our stranger could be our relative… morals aren’t usually based on judging people because they are careful when they think about whats right and wrong …but i think judging people is natural for us to assume something when we know nothing. I just got lost in my own conversation. ](*,) :3<3

I said practically… Children are programed to bond…We all are really, and that bonding determines what is moral…It is not what people think that makes them moral, but what they feel…Morals are irrational…It may be moral to run into a burning building for a child, but it is never rational…

Thats why children don’t have a distinct sense of morals yet…emotions are rationals enemy. What determines someones morals is what they think matters more…usally people think relations matter more than anything because thats all people got. :3<3

What is morality? It is not the following of enjoined rules of conduct. It is not a question of standing above temptations, or of conquering hate, anger, greed, lust and violence. Questioning your actions before and after creates the moral problem. What is responsible for this situation is the faculty of distinguishing between right and wrong and influencing your actions accordingly.

Life is action. Unquestioned action is morality. Questioning your actions is destroying the expression of life. A person who lets life act in its own way without the protective movement of thought has no self to defend. What need will he have to lie or cheat or pretend or to commit any other act which his society considers immoral?

What is keeping you from being your natural self? You are constantly moving way from yourself. You want to be happy, either permanently or at least for this moment. You are dissatisfied with your everyday experiences, and so you want some new ones. You want to perfect yourself, to change yourself. You are reaching out, trying to be something other than what you are. It is this that is taking you away from yourself. But that is just what some people want. They prefer submitting to one or more of society’s various aspects.

Society has put before you the ideal of a ‘model person‘. No matter in which culture you were born, you have traditions handed down to you to tell you how to behave. Some features of society include religious outgrowths advocating conduct that, if practiced, will eventually bring you to an ultimately secure life position similar to that which was attained by renowned spiritual figures. Other aspects of culure slope down to more simple models of behavior. And so you try to control your behavior, to control your thoughts, to be something else.

I agree, it dose come with many sides, not just one. Thats the thing about morals they usually want whats “good” to reject the “bad” but the bad can surly teach us a lot that the good can’t . And “good” and “bad” is just ones perspective, and the truth is that morals really can’t determine whats right and wrong. But we can base our thoughts on other peoples “rights” and “wrongs” and come to a conclusion on whats “good” and “bad” for us.

I haven’t though of it the way you sed it, now thats changing the way i think…thanks thats interesting.

But don’t you sometimes get the feeling that what everybody else is doing, even you and me, all of us - what we all do - is the same thing we will pass down to the next generation after us and they will be maintaining how things stand now. Thus, the structured relationships among those before us has created us for the single purpose of maintaining precisely what we have collectively been deeming beneficial to humanity.

All the things you stated are little things. Death is a big thing. That’s what you should either be worrying about or ignoring. I’d say we can both appreciate the little things, while continuing to seek knowledge and understanding, but for me, I wouldn’t want my pursuit of understanding to get in the way of my pursuit of living.