My open challenge to all beings in existence: sex is psycho

That’s my whole challenge.

I argue that sex is always psychopathy.

If you defeat me in this debate (in the debate forum - with Carleas as moderator) I offer to be permabanned.

If you lose the debate, all you did was lose the debate and that’s all that happens to you.

I don’t want to be permabanned from ILP.

I call this a mans wager. I have everything to lose, you have nothing to lose.

Do not troll this thread. Either accept the debate in the debate forums or don’t bother.

The stakes are even more difficult for me because Carleas is married with a wife and two children.

The bias against me is staggering.

I’ll except this debate from anybody. I’m that confident I’ll come out with a lesson learned and not be shown as losing the debate.

My first challenge was in the form of an argument (that’s how challenges always are). Mr Reasonable refused to accept the challenge. He trolled the thread so hard that it ended up in rant.

Fine. Mr. Reasonable is not a worthy debate partner anyways. I leave it to anyone in all of existence to take on this debate with me. My stakes for debates has been the same for years now.

My stakes are specifically formulated to embarrass anyone unwilling to debate, and the nature of my stakes are that anyone who refuses these stakes has already conceded the debate. You lose nothing if I win, I lose everything if you win.

That’s called a mans stakes. This is how a man debates.

A clarification on the topic: Is this claim (“sex is always psychopathy”) literal or figurative? Psychopathy has a literal, clinical definition, is your argument that sex meets that definition? Or are you using a figurative/colloquial meaning, something like that sex is irrational or just ‘bad’ in some sense?

I’m happy to moderate, but I can’t be a judge for this debate (I’m still short on time and mental energy, so I can’t commit to reading and evaluating in a timely manner).

Literal. 100% literal.