My penultimate theory of everything

Nowhere here is the destination, we are all like causal trains on tracks which all lead to an abyss. Therefore there can be no ultimate theory of everything, given that this world is not the destination and ultimate expression of what reality is, even if that is emptiness.

What does this mean e.g. for religion and philosophy, science even?

My current penultimate theory is rooted in alchemy; you take the one thing that reality is [the clay], and add information. When that happens you get a thing or a someone, because info is akin to the hands which mould the clay of existence/reality. That’s it.


K: you seem to be implying that because THIS world is not the destination, that
there is another world beyond that is the destination, IE, the Christian heaven…


TOE? How about, love for one. :slight_smile:

I am wondering that, though it could be nirvana and not a world, or indeed it may just be nothing. Either way THIS world is not heaven or an ultimate expression of anything, ergo we get the same questions proposed.

I do wonder if there is a ‘complete’ world, in the sense of all things being made [here].


“My TOE is that there can be no TOE”. :confused:

“And I’m absolutely certain there is nothing absolutely certain.”

Some were writing the obituary of physics at the beginning of the last century and look how wrong they were. There is always
new knowledge waiting to be discovered so when a TOE is found it will not be the end. As science will still carry on regardless

Hence ‘penultimate’! PTOE

Who are you quoting? The whole point is that there can be no absolute certainty, only theories.