My Religion

First of all to the moderator Dan, Dan am I allowed to start my own religion here?

Sure why not?

Indeed. We all have our own God within and since that is the only God anyone can really know, it is fitting that we all be seen as having our own version of Jesus and or God.

That is what one of the Jesus’, — one of the Heroes of 1,000 faces, — preached. … r_embedded

Luke 17:21 Neither shall they say, Lo here! or, lo there! for, behold, the kingdom of God is within you.

Romans 8:29 For whom he did foreknow, he also did predestinate to be conformed to the image of his Son, that he might be the firstborn among many brethren.

As brethren to Jesus, if we are all to sit at the right hand of God then we must all have our own God. That freedom is the true message of Gnostic Jesus and not the slave making Jesus that Rome dreamed up.



My religion is about the internet.
the interwebs is god the creative force and all we do on it is sacrifice
The internets consists of all of the humans who can afford a connection. The community of the privileged.

We trust the Interwebs with anythibg such as our money and our relationships and many even with their sexual organs and deeds.
the interwebs can kill regimes.
the interwebs can make billionaires overnight

it is God.

But it is not god because it wasn’t first on the planet. God was created by mankinds.

Praise the interwebs and make your daily sacrifice.

Divine Right I
Praise Internet!!

Come on people, let’s hear the praise!


Oh mein GOTT das ist RÜCKICHTSLOS!!!

Ich schnneere dich auf demsteres Gott!!!

Ich habe nicht versucht diese scchnnerrlen zu aufnehmen …

Geh mich, schleichen…

Hey? This thread is now also in the sandbox. Is it so good it’s doubled?

I agree that the www is the major religion of the 21st century.

Much better than the past religious climate that hated knowledge and wisdom and only sought social control and manipulation.


…Blind denial of your current situation.

Children just throw stones without really saying anything. Is that all you are good for?

Nice Character. Not.


All religions have haters this is a good sign! James you will be put in the box of Haters.
Or the box of irrational haters I have to see what the design allows.

Maybe all haters are irrational.

We can only judge their rationality by their arguments but when there is none, it is a good bet that the issue has not been thought of and that their God got a pass just because the prick is feared by the dumb sheep. Yet most Christians will condemn men for what they would praise God for doing.

Think Job 2;3 where God admits that Satan moved him to do evil.


Speaking of being irrational, doesn’t one have to have a religion for there to be a hater of it? :-s

As is true of any religion, the internet offers both peace and a sword.


Is that the “Royal We”?

God was not the first thing on the Planet either. He was created too.
Where was god when the dinosaur ruled the earth?

Ah but that is it. Most kristjans condemn men for what they praise god for doing. That is the reason for small creepy humans to believe in god. So they can laud and perpetrate evil under their godskullo.

But some Kristjans are the opposite because they only want to do what their Godhead would do. I love them because they make a great effort to love everyone.
That is cool, respect.

But most times religion is an excuse to perpetrate some shit.