My table top style paper game

I’ve got a game, a little bit like a RPG, a little bit like D&D.
But it is different. I will explain it:

You choose what species you start as.
You choose what bonus items you get.
You choose qualities of your base/building.

I as the narrator / GM, describe what is happening in this world.
Then you tell me what you want to do in that world.
I keep track of your character sheet, items, and notes.

The city is full of crazy and unusual beings.
Your goal is to gain supreme power.
This takes a lot of time.

It can be played over the phone or in a chat room.
All you need is an imagination.

Almost anyone is welcome to game with me.
But most people are not into this.

I just wanted to explain it, for fun.
Thanks for reading this, if you read it.

This is a note from a second game i am working on:

More Meat - hot sheets/notes and rules.

When you die, you loose 20% of your stats. You choose which you loose. However,
your point level goes down by 20% too, and you cannot loose percentage stats.
The percent of points you loose per death is called 20% Loose.

Revitalize : is how long it takes for you to respawn. By default you have 2 day revitalize.

1 space is 1 meter. 1 movement moves 1 meter per turn. Which is 2 seconds.

This planet has no sun light. Plants are rare. Plants only grow on dirt but most of the place is sand.

Types of damage :
[1] Shock/Kenetic, cut, impact,
[2] Heat, radiation, laser and acid,

Start with 500 points, 500PointValue for % prices, and a 100value bonus item.
Starting bonus : 2 legs, 2 arms, 5 digesting, 2 mind control blocking, 2run/leg strength. 5 body-strength. 20max hp.
3% 1% less Loose.
2 1 long range self destruct shockwave when killed.
1 1 short range self destruct blast when killed.
4 1 smart wave, very long range, only hurts foes.
3 1 max hp/exo skeleton/skin/body armor.
2 1 max body mass/sub structure/flesh. costs x2 to refill.
15 1 defense against either shock or heat.
30 1 defense against both shock and heat.
10 1 digesting self healing. (1 food = 1 hp per turn, or 1 food = 1 point per turn.)
2 1 pound holding pocket. like a stomach space, and a shrinker.
10% 1% digestion bonus. get 1% more HP and POINTS from meat and food.
1 1 max bulk. Costs x3 to refill.
100 1 regen. Regrow hp, mass, bulk, by 1 per turn.
10 1 max omni energy.
4% 1 run/leg strength.
10% 4 leg upgrade. +50% run speed.
25% 6 leg upgrade. +100% run speed.
30% 1 extra arm. With 3 arms you can use 3 weapons in one turn, or punch 3 times, etc. you start with 2 arms usually for free.
20% 5% rapidity : all arms and legs go 5% faster.
10 1 mind control blockage/control resistance.
50 1 mind control long ranged, reprogram.
10 1 body-strength. For hauling loot, improving attack damage total, and lift / carry 5 pounds.

4E 1 force field.

I’ve got a new game in the works.
It is supposed to be similar to terraria, but then it is set in a different style.
So far one person has played it 2 hours. That’s all for now. Well, i hope to have it played more in the future, as more of it gets made.