Name Change Request

They were right. I was too egotistical and i had a mental condition where I had to post everyday. It seems being on the internet in of itself triggers my egoism. More so when I am in real life around other people, it think it is because of my autism and I can’t focus. I had a mental condition where I had to post everyday, but I have grown tired of that. I am grown tired of chasing after sparkles on the water. When you approach a mirage, it fades away. With my new foot injury, I have become sick of pain. Death and rebirth are the most important things. We must focus on ultimate things at all costs, even if society says it is taboo. We need to focus on ultimate things at all costs, no matter what. So if your post is about Ultimate things, mark it with an " * " for future generations to see. If it is an ego post, give it no special symbol.
I am disgusted with myself. I make myself sick when I think about myself. I am obscene. I am a troll. But then I realise that being sick at something means a compromised immune system. Being sick is a weakness. People who didn’t like my futashy avatar were weak. If you can’t handle homosexuality, you are weak. I know this because I was thinking about dickgirl porn, something I usually enjoy, but when I was sick with a migraine thinking about a girl with a penis just made me want to hurl, and I desperately wanted to think of cis girls. Therefore, prejudice people who base their prejudice on their own sickness, are they themselves sick. Sickness begots sickness. Sickness and prejudice (unless it is purely logic based) is weak.

I would like to request a name change, to Ultimate Philosophy 1001, to represent my transition to a higher quality. I will NOT tolerate any insults as that is ego based and upsets my delicate balance of ego free living. That is all. Thankyou.

Usernames have to between 3 and 21 characters long, so please advise on a shorter name that you would like?

Has to be that, including the spaces, or it loses the cool factor. Make the calls, get the recommendations, do the papers and pull some strings and get the techie to rewrite the forum code. We can make this happen.

You should change your name to “Benjamin Twattinger”.

This random pic of whoever can be your avatar:

Just makes me laugh, so good… so good. I need to use that Alias next time I stop into a philosophy group, just lean back like him, making that face.

“Wow, and what is your name?”

“Why my good Sir, my name is Benjamin Twattinger!”.

Roebuck Mannowick

Hieronymus Limpchop


You’re so weird. Weird is good.
Glad you came back. You’re like a bird.

Carleas! Can you make this happen? for Trixie…

I’m seriously considering changing my name to Genghis Adonis Osmosis. No not my screen name… my real name. Yea? Nay?

Oh alright.

Edit: New limit is 24, so your name would work too, Zoot. But I vote ‘nay’, I prefer Zoot.
Edit again: Reread you post, and I’d like to change my vote.

Good for you Trixie!

Now, let’s bring Lyssa back. If only to confirm that she actually does exist. Well, whatever that means online. :wink:

I don’t know what your real real name is, but sure… why not… go for it :confusion-shrug:


I wish you lot wouldn’t keep doing this. Remember I can’t see your faces. It’s confusing being confronted by a load of different names for the same people all the time.

You’re absolutely right.

It’s idiotic nonsense.

Nothing idiotic in making a nice label. Naming things is an art.

Changing the name doesn’t change the content.

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose,
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

Conscious perception is everything, changing the name often does change the smell of the content. Are you a spiritual man?

I tried the smell option available on this forum, but had to turn it off because too many threads smelled like shit.

I just entered your forum!
I am really excited finding such an amazing place to discuss philosophical issues!!
However I did a terrible mistake typing my username!
I wanted to write “newnexcited” (because I am a very new member in the field of systematic philosophy and I am really excited about this), but I wrote “newnexited” (which looks like that I just entered philosophy, but I didn’t like it, so I exited…).
Please tell me that there is a way to change my username!
It may be just a name, but, especially in forums, the name is in a high rate the image of the user! So I wouldn’t like to give such a misleading and provoking image…