Nature and Infinity.

Nature and Infinity.
There are two separate infinite substances that exist in Nature:
“infinitely big” and “infinitely small”.
The infinitely big substance is Zero Vacuum: T=0K.
( spacetime continues forever)
The infinitely small substance is Planck’s constant –

  • quantum of light - ( h, h*).
    These two constants are fundament of creation everything in Nature.
    Best wishes.
    Israel Socratus.

Nope… remnants of the Secular religion, the false god called “Thermodynamics” and offspring, “Quantum Physics”.

In Reality, there is no limit to smallness. And no absolute zero.

Why is there no limit to smallness? And why is there no abbsolute zero?

Planck’s length has, well, extension, it is not infinitely small. You could come up with a smaller number rather easily.
NOt saying it is a real limit or not, but it not infinitely small.

According to the currently valid theory the Planck’s length is the smallest measurable length, but not infinitely small.

The same is to be said of the other Planck-units.

That is covered in Mathematics: Quality vs Quantity and also Beyond Aquinas and the Cosmological Argument.