Negotiation is more effective than aggression.

It seems to me that our current terrorist problem is just getting worse, we can never stop them because even when we catch them before they do any damage there are always more to take their place. We should try to reach a compromise. If we agree to stop hunting down and trying to prevent potential suicide bombers from blowing themselves up, maybe they would agree to go and do it somewhere where no one else is going to get hurt. Surely it’s worth a try.

Terrorist catch and release program?

If we give them advance jets, fuel, and bombs, and a flight simulator, I think they can agree to a 50 year truce.

Well at least no-one has suggested inviting them for negotiation talks over tea a’la Jeremy Corbyn stylee, and to then write them a lovely floral-scented letter thanking them for their presence and that they all must do it again sometime.

Cucumber sandwich or macaroon anyone?

What about slipping a small slice of ham in those sandwiches, just for a bit of fun.

After slipping pork in their sandwiches the negotiating process didn’t go so well during discussion or conversation.

Strong verbal emphasis on jihad were uttered afterwards and violent anger ensued.

You shouldn’t secretly sneak non halah food into their food, it isn’t kosher to do so.

Things took a turn for the worse when one of the guests thought it would be hilarious to turn up in fancy dress… although he insisted that the alcohol was just for show.

I don’t know why, but I never think of them as having a sense of humour.

Picture the kind of humour where one laughs maniacally for a few seconds with their head thrown back for effect, and then abruptly stops and just stares ahead.

Too bad none of you saw Libyan Satellite TV back in the Qaddafi era. Back then (likely still now) every state broadcasts it’s own TV Satellite station for free, anyone can pick it up. So instead of different stations like in the US of Fox, NBC, CBS, NBC… you had one channel from each country.

Well, Libya usually just played old Tom and Jerry cartoons, but once I was chatting with a store owner inside our base (he serviced us) and the cartoon ended, and this angry as Fuck guy came on with a white dress and a beard. He could of been reading the Arabic translation of a Sponge Bob, Square Pants commercial for all I actually comprehended, but I knew his “speech” quite damn well and knew to be threatened by it. The shop owner got red faced and apologetic, I asked what he was saying and the owner was like “ah, this loud mouth Joker, he says a lot of silly stuff, you know those jokers”… damn guy on TV was breathing rage.

He is quite likely dead as a result of the Hillary incursion into that country, the civil war that took place in her wake was pretty nasty.

The store owner serviced you?

Yes, but Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and all, lets not get into it.

I’ve never been the Middle East so your story is full of lies. :stuck_out_tongue:

the headline of this thread is has lots merits, that’s how it should work.
the problem is that business is so immoral in our society that 'negotiations" imply and mean “aggression”

I’d go one step further than negotiation: nations should simply end, and then the example that’s been set will encourage all people to change their behaviour.
Along with nations, international finance would need to end too.