Neo Liberal Section Of The Forum.

Carleas it has come to my attention that neo liberals are feeling alienated, isolated, and claustrophobic in the society section. They feel insulted, irritated, and offended every time they listen to opinions or beliefs of other members. I move that we create a section in the society political portion of the forum that is entirely liberal so that they can have their own protected safe space away from others. It’s the least we can do to make them feel accepted. :bulb:



Yea, those neo-liberals and progressives, so tolerant, so open-minded they frequently need to shield themselves from the outside world whenever they’re reminded not everyone thinks exactly as they do.


They’re like a precious flower where we must nurture or water their social insulation and not be exclusive. :sunglasses:


A flower that’d soon wither and die if it were to be planted outside the confines of the greenhouse and exposed to the elements.


Yes, every flower needs a flower nursery don’t you know, it’s a prerequisite of basic botany. :sunglasses:

Besides Peter, who are you guys even talking about?

There are plenty of non aligned , alienated pragmatists out there , who also feel alienated , perhaps they should have a new classification as well. These middle of the roaders should not be neglected either, and deserve a fair shake, even if , for the most part, they are throw back idealists.

What?! :sunglasses:

Liberal wilting flowers are not the only ones who feel alienated, needing another forum shelter category. The ones who feel they are neither, moderate centrist who do not have a platform any more, who had become disinterested and ignored, or the simply disenfranchised , who have become non political by virtue of apathy, feel the same way.

The would be independents, who perhaps should identify with Tump, but feel they are different from an ideological centrist .

That is the problem with the non aligned, they are ideologically devoid of a sense of where to belong… Where is Nader nowadays?

Oops, he is 84 years old. But what of the Green Party?

Alright, is there anybody else that needs a safe space created for them? Now’s your chance to state such before Carleas.

I’ve never seen any evidence that political arguments get through to anyone, so there seems no space safer than the comfort of ones blindly held convictions.

Very interesting, would that also include your own?

Hmmm… I’m not sure whether it’s more self aware to include myself, or to acknowledge that I am not immune to the Lake Wobegon Effect.

Pick whichever one signals the most virtue. I’m super virtuous.

Virtue it would seem is in the eye of the beholder or by those that convinces a majority of people that their virtues are the best.