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Is war and death seperable to the other groups if so give it its own board.

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Is war and death seperable to the other groups if so give it its own board.

War, I would say no, as its politics.

While Death yes, as its both Philosophy and Religion. So might find a better home in its own forum.

Pax Vitae

Although both war and death are intriguing concepts worth time, devotion, and analysis, I don’t think they warrant a forum to either concept. I think they are fine as a thread within a forum, not only are they fine but fit well within many forums. Ie. Philosophy, Politics, Religion, and even science. This is just my opinion ofcourse.

The science forum is a good example, the topic of science is very broad and encompasses many fields. But if you check the science forum and compare it to the other major forums (ie. Philosophy, Religion, and Politics/Economics) there aren’t that many threads in it. Despite its general nature. I think there might be a trend to post in a forum dedicated to war and/or death for a while, but I believe it would soon die down and be left deserted.

What’s your take?

I agree with Magius. Such a forum would only open the floodgates for many other similar ones: Peace and life, Love and friendship, Trees and snowmen.

Pangloss stated:

:laughing: you kill me. LOL

I whole heartedly support the “trees and snowmen” forum. I can’t believe no one thought of it earlier.

War is politics, death is politics or, depending on the context, is religion.

I wonder what would be discussed in the Tree & Snowman board… i really do. Maybe they should have one… just to check what people would post in it. It would be an interesting experiment.

first topic: Soo… what do you guys think about thoes Willow trees… some crazy branches or what?

( terrible…yah, i know… just the first thought that came to my head)

Yeah, we would get posts like…what did the tree say to the snowman? “Leave (get it?) me alone”

What did the snowman say to the tree? “Shut up or I’ll snow job you!”

okay okay…shutting up.


After reading this… exchange, i’m tempted to make a “Trees and Snowmen” forum…

I would say no. Like everything else, war and death are intrinsically linked to every other aspect of our existence, including philosophy and vanity. It’s tricky enough to separate things like ethics from materialism and we all expect every philosophical argument to end up discussing God, so to try and pigeonhole things doesn’t really work. It either stifles debate by being restrictive, or just ends up like all threads - discussing everything.

When does a snow man cease to exist? Is it as the first rays start to melt it causing it’s carbon smile to becomea frown, or does the small mound with a lonely carrot laying on top still count as a snowman?

Coincidentally, my sister made a snowman when the white manna fell last week. We’ve watched its slow demise over the 10 days or so with intrigue, as there isn’t even a hint of snow left in my town and my city. It has fallen from to a very small mound of ice with a soggy carrot, soggy tennis ball, and two defiant twigs in close proximity. So little when the memory-camera pans to the day it was made - a great mammoth marshmallow man of a snowman, towering in size, intimidating in authority. Now, it could be completely extinguished with the pour of warm water from my kettle. Sad stuff :cry: :cry: :smiley:

Someone tried to make an snowman in front of my flat… The poor thing was squared with many dots of mug on its face… plus, it didn’t have more than 50cm. It did have one arm tho… :cry:
Must be a sad prospect of life… being a snowman. They either melt or are kicked by some children… sometimes the same children that made them, how sad is that?
Come to thing of it, the concept is very sexist. Is obvious that the snowman has no defined sex, for it consists of 2 snowballs, and if it’s lucky, 2 sticks. We should call it then, showbeing.

I believe that trees lead a much happier life. They live longer, have no maker apart from nature itself, which is good cos it doesn’t feel betrayed when is chopped down, and have a propose…. Oh! And is less likely to have one single arm.

So, if I had to vote for any of them, I would vote for the snowbeing. I don’t like politicians hanging around too long, that would be like a dictatorship. But if I had to choose to be one of them, I would be a tree, even tho I like winter and would probably look dreadful for a few months, I couldn’t bear having no propose whatsoever.

Now that I did my best to look at trees and snowbeings with a certain level of profoundness, I’m gonna read the other forums…

Snowmen and Trees have boggled my mind since childhood. Give it a forum. Many people would like to discuss it.

Should we have a war and death forum? The question was never resolved.

The subjects are part of all the existing forums. I do like your digging into past threads.

It’s impossible to disentangle politics, religion and racism and nationalism/patriotism from war although religions don’t kill people people do, and it’s usually politically motivated with religion being the icing on the cake that makes idiots die for some cause in some foreign land they don’t actually if they thought about it care about much. It deserves its own board and has one it’s Called Stormfront. Go there claim the Aryan race is being persecuted by minorities and wot not, I wouldn’t though, they are worse scum than trolls. The distinction though is fairly non existent since anything they post on a non racist forum is usually a troll by proxy, they know they are going to create flame wars so it’s an academic argument and a moot one to say they are not trolling, even though they are serious. Harmless? Probably not.

“our God with us!” on the belts of German storm troopers, Hitler wanted to disestablish the churches, antidisestablishmentarianism he was not. But he did know the value of propaganda.

Woah I used the 2nd longest non scientific term in a sentence in context, do I win the internet. :wink:

Ares and Hades? Why not some of the other abstract Olympians as well, then?