NFAC follows Goethe's advice

“Most of us like me are ex-military, we’re not young people on the block, we’re voters, we’re your responsible guys, we’re the guys with the good jobs.”

  • John Fitzgerald Johnson aka Grandmaster Jay, Not Fucking Around Coalition

They claim a country for Blacks only, just like Israel is for Jews, a political stronghold to serve the general interest of the African race. Not such a weak idea.


As terrible as BLM is as an idea, so sensible is this. It has self-knowledge of strength, meaning it has style, it is something.
This could be folly or what leads us into political foothills of a Nietzschean range the beginning of an expedition that aims at peaks still shrouded in angry looking clouds.

I am personally of course much in favour of this land being established in Africa. Not only do I not think it will be so easy or pretty to have it in the US, Africa is at the heart of the matter at large, it is the origin of mankind, a history far more interesting than our written records show lies hidden there as betrayed by its most ancient architecture. There was always need of some hack or fix to undo the damaging patterns of plunder-inspired order in Africa, which have taken hold when the continent became considered a second-rate place, a victim. How weird, for the most splendorous continent to befall this fate, and it makes sense that the men descendent of the men taken then could restore a core of stability in the psyche of Africa. Take it back, love under will.

New Atlantis, Second Amendment, these are Americans. They’re American schooled soldiers of fortune.
Left and Right do no longer exist, all that remains is identity. The French were not wrong altogether.

You mean land set aside for African-Americans, somewhere in Africa? the US? both?

This is nothing new, but here we all are revisiting the option again.

I have the idea that the place in Africa they mean to establish might not be just African Americans.

Yes, its not completely insane as an option, as Israel demonstrates - it causes tensions though, naturally.
But tension is a pretty regular thing nowadays.

So African-Americans, Black British etc…

The option has been offered to Western blacks before, but has always been turned down… I don’t see how this time it’s supposed to be any different and the option, taken.

Hitler (before the Holocaust) actually offered to give the Jews Madagascar !! They refused! That’s curious to me about the mind of Hitler … he tried in his own weird way to help.

You know you can be an Israel and not be Jewish, right? Israel is a very democratic place and while it is obviously a “Jewish state” it’s becoming very ummm "multicultural’…At some point Israel will probably be no more Jewish than the Netherlands is Dutch…The demographics just aren’t on the side of either Jews or Europeans…In fact, Jews in Israel get called racist for not wanting to be demographically overrun by Muslims…Anyways, my point is that Israel isn’t even by design for Jews only… Nor is any African nation by design for blacks only… So a country for one race only would actually be pretty novel… Although I guess you could say America in its inception catered exclusively to Christian Anglo-Saxons…

They’re exercising their Second Amendment and that’s fine, but they’re hardly soldiers… These guys got torn apart by real veterans on twitter for their lack of discipline.

It should be noted that if thousands upon thousands of white conservative men started to wreak havoc on the streets of America like the BLM rioters, the full terrifying weight of the US military would be unleashed faster than you could blink.

I am confused as to how Goethe is involved in any of this…


The Netherlands is still entirely Dutch though, all immigrants speak it, at least the ones who ever come out of their houses.
And, Israel is Jewish… Extremely Jewish.

And yet of course youre right all the liberals there as well as those fags who want to be orthodox and not serve in the army, make it harder for the state to exist as a Jewish state.
But thats not even the point here, – the idea of a Jewish state was alive for 3000 years and then was realized and became a pretty powerful state and definitely a nice place to live.
What they did irrigation wise alone is fantastic.

But - none of this naturally guarantees a success of an “all black” state which is different anyway because one can convert to Judaism (and on that ground allowed to live in Israel) but one cant convert to being black. Yet.

I don’t know where you live, but mainland Europe isn’t in danger of being overrun. The great migration waves have been slowing down and black lives matter has infuriated so many locals here that it can be said to have backfired. Everyone who isn’t a complete tool now knows ok, we’ve got to start looking out for ourselves somewhat.

Big cities are horrible, Im from Amsterdam but would not want to live there again but now Im inland and I love it here.

I just read what I read in the article, it says they’re for a good part veterans… this is not true? No idea really.

Kek, I would like to see that showdown though…

Yeah I see I accidentally left out a quote.

I referred to: “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.”

I suppose black Dutch, German, French - maybe even Africans from other nations?
Ive no idea.
It could get pretty crowded.

I don’t follow you there - in any other time, a heavily armed militia walking through the streets demanding its own nation, black or white, would not have been accepted. A bunch of drunken morons toppling the statue of Columbus with cops standing by, neither.
This is a time of constant extremely bizarre occurrences.

@perpetualburn Ironically, Brexit so far appears to have been just in time for us not to get fucked up alongside the US and the UK.
Europe suddenly feels as attractive as it really is. Best place in the world. And to be fair not even the EU seems such a bad idea now, because we’ve seen how well states are able to completely isolate and break all treaty rules with impunity when they feel they need to.
Everyone I talk to here liked the lockdown, because it wasn’t a quarantine but merely a set of distancing rules and a lot of closed businesses and no tourists.
Oh fucking hell we could breathe.

Okay the point for the NFAC would be then to prove that theyre more than a militia - in case they don’t get to prove they are actually a militia - is that they can build a nation, from scratch.

Who here would not like see them try it? Should be rather fascinating, no?

Why all the sulky faces?

The three top men of wealth in the world could probably buy such a 10.000 square miles piece of land for them somewhere in Tsjaad or even Somalia … :frowning:
but why live there.
where, in Africa, would this be happening?

Really very interesting, almost too interesting to come true, Ill admit. Starting a nation from nothing - well again, the Jews did it. There was only barren infertile land there when they came back.
Yo wtf u done to our pays, git!

Jews, though. How can you do it alike, run as deep with your sciences. 3000 years old machinery still so relevant that it occupied Einstein and Freud.
Genius is not necessarily accidental, it can clearly be bred. So this, the genius of a race, what makes a race cohere and tick as a race qua its separate qualities - what makes them survive.
Many are cynical about black people and yet our culture is unthinkable now without their influence, so it isn’t quite fair to expect little. It is a young emancipation movement compared to the Jews, very young indeed, so we must cut it some slack. Where were the Jews in the Middle Ages? Not as far politically as the Blacks are now. Plus, Jews might be willing to extend a hand, if the brothers will accept it. And if they accept the state of Israel by the way lol. If they don’t they wont have much luck, somehow.

I wonder what Ice Cube’s stance on FNAC is.
He is coming out rather hard these days of course. I never felt he has a lot of racial hatred in his heart, not as much as Snoop Dogg certainly, he often seems to enjoy himself with white people and he seems genuinely grateful for what America has allowed him to become.


My Jewish best friend distanced herself from me, when I refrained from taking sides in the newly ignited Israel/Palestinian goings-on… and I distanced myself from her, when she tried to get me involved in sexual deviant goings-on that I had no interest or intention in being involved in or in being involved in some weird sex-circles that she was trying to get me involved in.

Your main point here, being? … stigation/

Let me get this clear: this girl was shot during a no-knock search warrant …? What?? That exists?
So, they can just break into your house, empty their guns into your family, legally.
My support goes out to these FNAC guys.

It’s very sad and unfortunate that Breonna Taylor got caught up in the crossfire between her boyfriend and the plain-clothed Officers. I’m certain, that once plain-clothed Officers are visible, that they are supposed to reveal themselves as Feds… they are supposed to here, anyway.

I don’t think I’ve ever heard a gunshot, or maybe once or twice… but in the far-off distance, decades ago… apart from on TV or at clay-pigeon shooting, and when my dad fired his pistol and rifle in the back yard lol.

Yeah Europe - Im not sure when it was that the agreement was made that the state has a monopoly on arms. But here only criminals and police have weapons usually, which is fine in most cases but it does carry a certain risk as proportionally, immigrants, who in all cultures are closer to crime, tend to have more access to weapons than autochthonous people. I would estimate. And by quite a large measure. I basically know only one autochthonous person I know would know to get a gun for me and he’s been in prison several times stomping on peoples heads. I mean he said he literally did that every time he got incarcerated. One time he helped another dude escape from the roof, making an inhuman but successful leap to freedom. Now he seems to grow weed more or less legitimately as a dealer to the coffeeshops. He’s always been my most honest cousin even though he was a thief from childhood he was honest about the important things. Of course a fool, like all of us. Anyway, now we have the Czech republic considering a second amendment of sorts, I seem to remember reading yesterday late.