Nickelback Sucks … lback.html

Listen to the radio and it’s like all the great bands of the 90’s or early 2000’s didn’t even exist.

It’s hard to find anything of them at all.

The forgotten generation of rock n roll.

tool has a new album dropping sometime this year, maynard said he already had material he was working on, so not all hope is lost.
i think perry farrell has some new stuff out, too. but yeah, nickelback needs to go away.

also, wtf happened to the big guns and roses comeback, and the new alice in chains that was supposed to kick some much needed ass…lol

You’re goddamn right about that. 100% right.

Most People forget about the 90’s. i know i was born then but i try to live my life in a 90’s fashion. Music, clothing, lifestyle.
I do agree with the Black Keys, nickelback has killed rock n’ roll
Sound Garden, Sum 41 (granted they switched from rock to punk then to emo) and Blink 182 were some good rock bands.
The Rap industry has also gone down hill since the 90’s. NWA and Cypress Hill used to run the show, now its artists like Lil’ (insert various name here) or young (insert name here). Group rap was what is was about, getting what you wanted and not caring what other people thought of you. That’s all gone away now.
The only thing that has gone uphill is the dubstep scene since the 80’s. … re=related

Industry may be shit, but there are plenty of good eMCees out, R.A. the Rugged man, Jedi mind tricks, Outerspace, Snow goons, Necro, Immortal technique, Binary Star etc. There’s plenty.

imo, basically across the board, the state of popular music is in shambles. however, if you’re willing to look a little deeper than what they play on MTV, I think you’ll find that music is really getting better and better. there’s some really amazing stuff still getting created. it’s not always easy to find, but the reward is so worth it.

for example, I’m definitely not a big fan of rap generally, but last year a rap album came out that was my album of the year. 10/10. perfect. i don’t watch MTV, but I’d place my bets that they’ve never been on it. the best stuff isn’t to be found on the surface. you have to venture into caves to find diamonds.

Good rock music is still out there, it’s just harder to find. If you’re listening to the radio, you’re looking in the wrong place.

Whilst Nickleback are officially shit, and frankly are pop rock, sort of plinky plunk Middle of the Road: like Cold Play are to pop, Nickleback are to pop rock. There is no excuse for being out of the loop though as already said.

I actually liked Rockstar, I know shoot me, or them I’m easy. The operative words in that song, is I wannabe a Rockstar, yes Chad you really do still want to be a Rockstar. :wink:

I think if there is any truly evil “musician” it is Billy Ray Cyrus.

Coldplay might kinda suck, but I don’t think it’s fair to compare them to Nickelback. At least Coldplay used to be good, something Nickelback can’t claim.

And even if Coldplay were as bad as Nickelback, I don’t think the analogy works anyway. Coldplay is to Pop what Nickelback is to Pop Rock…which is what? Nickelback’s relationship to Pop Rock is that NB is the epitome of everything wrong with pop rock, times 10. Coldplay’s relationship to pop is that they’re just a major band that’s in the pop sphere.

Yeah but I couldn’t think of anyone shit enough to compare on the spur of the moment. Ergo I agree with your point. There is nothing that compares to how shit Nickleback is. :slight_smile:

I know people who would claim Coldpay have never really been good and they just have song structures that are simple and appeals to the masses. But that’s a whole 'nother thread. I mean it’s not even that he’s a Jesus freak and a vegetarian, that is I believe your want and your right as human being, just as it’s your right to like The Big Bang and liver and Mohammed PBUH. But good God throw your curtains wide, one day like this in life will see me right. Please stop writing trite and wholly pathos inducing bland. Please. I beg you. Sure your sleeping with a great girl and your life is rosy, but you must have at some point had a soul, that made you think of writing something that was good and or interesting? Seriously Chris you don’t have to Goth, but hell life is a lot more interesting when it isn’t bland.