Nietzsche Freud and Einstein on film … =NIETZSCHE

So often the philosophers we read and write about are a long time dead…of many from the ancient world we only have texts, rumour and speculation…I found this video (though it contains no audio sound) it is an interesting look at three very important figures in European and Wordly ‘intellectual’ life.

It is strange to see Nietzsche hand move, his eyes blink, and his open absent minded gaze, to see Freud open a book rather effeciently and abruptly and to see Ensein smile his sheepish cheeful smile into the camera.

Perhaps I am just being typically modern in my tastes to see philosophers in Video, in motion, perhaps like some Reality T.V. show, but more than that, it is to see them alive. To see these complex monuments move and animate (particularly Nietzsche) is quite magic.

Take a look and see men that are so Greatly Mythologised actually move (again particularly Nietzsche, this is the first footage I have ever seen of him as a living breathing being).

(there is rumour that the footage of Nietzsche is merely a montage of photos…does he move?)

Cool find.