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How the “True World” Finally Became a Fable

Schopenhauer: On state and morals. … t_One.html

Burckhardt: A-Z. … +self+help

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Ernst von Lasaulx, Neuer Versuch einer alten auf die Wahrheit der Thatsachen gegründeten Philosophie der Geschichte. 1856.

It’s a must see.

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The first link is a critical investigation of Nietzsche’s last work, written in the Asylum in Jena, by a Nietzsche research who went though all of Nietzsche’s works in Germany, as well as that of people he knew, and discovered some very strong evidence that wasn’t published before this work was finally published that the work is authentic- that it’s highly implausible it can be a fake given the sources Nietzsche takes from, and completely Slams’ Walter Kaufman’s assumptions regarding the fraudulent nature of this work, catching him in right out lies at times.

It’s now quite apparent the core of this text is Nietzsche’s last work, and he also goes though alot of effort to track down what Nietzsche’s friends and doctors thought of Nietzsche (including a rather hilarious insight to his doctors in thinking that Nietzsche was clinically insane until one sat down and read his works, and realized he was always like that long before his collapse).

It’s the final say on what Nietzsche thought, and until the Walter Stewart critique can be explained on the merit of the decades of facts he’s collected, it has to be recognized as authentic as other suppressed works of Nietzsche such as Ecce Homo.

Minimally 75% of all people are decadents(all women and men at least until the age of 20 and from 60 on). That is why there is no place on the web to discuss Nietzsche’s philosophy. And if they do, then they discuss mostly his only one book written in his decadent time: The birth of tragedy… That is why he is the “most misunderstood” philosopher. And the rest of the non-decadents probably doesn’t even know what a decadent is. And decadent is an egalitarian.

What excatly is the approach to all this? It points in different directions? Nietzsche seems very outdated imho, so what’s the point?

The point is that Nietzsche is born posthumously and all of you are outdated, including this forum which allows PARODIES over Nietzsche’s name!

Why are guys between 20 and 60 the only possible ‘non-decandents’. I’m not going to argue with your last statement because I know very well where that philosophy comes from, but even assuming egalitarianism is decadence, what on earth makes you think that most people under 20 are egalitarian, where you ever under 20 yourself? I mean 99 percent of people when they were under 20, very much including myself, had no real since of egalitarian principals whatever retoric they may have spewed. In fact egalitarianism was the plague I dealt with in my twenties, and never again, not that I think it’s a bad world view, if one must have a world view.

A decadent is a loser. Name one king under 20 who was successful, let’s say a conqueror.

Decadent: weakling, coon.

Zarathustra: man in a full strength.

"In the youth of the peoples and states bloom weapons and the arts of war; in the mature masculine age of nations and states the arts and sciences; then for a time both together, weaponry and Muse Arts; and finally in the old age of nations and states, trade and industry, luxury and fashion "(Bacon De augm scient IV, 2 p 114; Sermones fideles 56 p 1236)

World: an old man who believes that life comes after retirement. Also called ‘god’.

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I request from all those who are officially able to sue anybody for throwing dirt at Nietzsche’s name to take under charge also this forum and those who post such a rubbish!

My Sister and I is an apocryphal work attributed to German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche. Following Nietzsche scholar Walter Kaufmann, most consider the work to be a literary forgery.

Sorry Cezar, it’s been pointed out several times in the work listed above Kauffman was outright lying, and most commentators before Kauffman wrote positively on the book.

He went through the unpublished works of guys like Overbeck (Nietzsche’s buddy) and found considerable collaboration between their letters and what Nietzsche wrote in the book.

Most evidence now heavily leans in the direction that Nietzsche wrote this work… if you would like to dispute this- being the foremost Nietzsche expert here and living in Germany, you can do so… he has a massive listing of positions in his study begging to be refuted.

However, as it stands, until someone is able to do so (disproving the considerable, hard to argue with evidence that wasn’t published until recently from the libraries of Nietzsche’s friends. long after this work came out), the overwhelming evidence is this, My Sister and I is the last work of Nietzsche.

I dare you to try to prove otherwise. Go see if the letters he quotes are real. You owe it to Nietzsche afterall… if on the one hand, someone stole a time machine, went back in time, and made this hoax happen, then it’s your duty to denounce it intelligently, point by point. If it is not, you owe Nietzsche the duty of spreading this work for him… if you are truelove a Nietzschean. Either-way, your gotta deal with this. Unless your just a Nietzsche Tourist who hasn’t read all his works…

Kauffman is no longer a legitimate resource on Nietzsche, he’s proven largely to be inept, he’s been blown out of the water with critical research that exposed his coverups of his own ignorance. He’s been proven to lie.

You now have a destiny Cezar… these two books require your careful analysis, one way or another.
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