no limits

ok, you have all the money/power/good looks/whatever for one day, and in this day you can do anything you want - no limits. what would it be?

Interesting that “intelligence” is not mentioned except probably under the “whatever” category :slight_smile:

  • Sivakami.

i think intelligence is becoming much less of a necessity for people in power right now. if you look at the controversy over the front man for the conservative campaign against the euro, people tend to be more swayed by less important aspects, for instance looks, power, money, whatever. victoria beckham is considered to be one of the most influential people in the country, and she’s hardly one of the more intelligent people in the country.

I’d spend the whole day with Natalie Portman…does that make me shallow?

what matters is what you want to be doing w/ Ms Portman. :sunglasses:

No limits??..

well…If I wasn’t looked down on afterwards, I’d get some money from a bank, no limits right?, and put it in a swiss bank account to earn some decent interest… about 300 million pounds to be exact.

(1 pound = 70 JD…jamaican dollars)

create a utopian society for those who deserve it, leave the rest on eart with a doomsday device with a 100 year countdown that would detonate if pollution and poverty weren’t tackled (not cured) to a safe level.

that and kill all capitalists (got to keep letting you stereotype me).

call me shallow, but i think i’d go for the money, fly to new york, do some shopping, get a facial etc etc etc then head down to bloomingdales and buy one of those plastic ‘‘little brown bag’’ bags. :smiley: then i’d go to greenwich village to the little bar where jeff buckley started out for a cold beer … then my day would be complete.

i think i’d be just as shallow. i’d get a 1950s james dean-esque porsche, lots of shopping, an off shore bank account, and maybe dermot o’ leary…

i would take out a contract on jade ‘rickaaaaiii’ big brother.

i think i would set myself up as a dictator of the earth… but i would be a nice dictator. =)… eitehr that or a big fun and shoot every politician on earth to try and create anarchy… not that that would actually achive that goal or anything

no offence, but i prefer the shallow option :confused: so much more productive.

Just a question Frighter although not relevant to the topic… and you’re nearer to the US than I am:

Did people actually vote for Bush??

If they did, you think they now regret it?

I just think he’s the stupidest person ever!. I think that if it was up to him, he’s give all those terrorist puppies and sing “Dont Worry, be Happy”, and I’m serious.

I just watched him on tele a while ago and w/o his adivors, the man was really dumb. “Umm…uhh… errr…could yo repeat the question??”

I would have a day of peace and quiet. Sound mundane? Probably. Well, I mean I would want a day where I didn’t get hungry, thirsty, have to go to the washroom, get cold/warm, deal with people, etc, and all those other things - I would just want a day of meditation away from ALL distractions.

What’s your take?

I’d do the whole John Lennon thing…you know…imagine there’s no heaven,possesions,religion,countries,no need to live or die etc and see if it works then in the last five minutes I’d put everything back to normal, whether it worked or not, and try to fix the world through the conventional methods. If you asked me the world would be pretty boring if there was no reason to live or die.
Most people nowadys would live or die(whichever you wanted) for the chance to do what you just offered us for free. If I was you I’d sell those options and make a packet then you wouldn’t have to bother with doing it yourself and sorting out all those bank notes and stuff!! :smiley:

I would do the exact thing the guy from Office Space did. Nothing.

nothing sounds great, but i like the idea of being with natalie portman better…

typical male…

To keep the post alive and away from politics ill answer the first and avoid the entire earlier conversation.

Buy own island
Buy Weapons(guns not nukes or chemicals)
And buy all the materials to build what ever i want on the island and live my dream out of runing my own island.

self-fulfilling prophecy (careful).
It’s funny, the coincedance that is, in what you said. If you think about the entire population of humans on planet earth as BluTGI, and the earth is the island, than that’s exactly what he’s doing.

Ever read Celestine Prophecy anyone?

What’s your take?

Sorry you lost me?
Do i want to take over the world? yes, but id prefer to do a small scale sample like my own island first.

Do i think it will work? No, Im idealistic not insane.

I didn’t mean you want to take over the world. I misread your post. I thought you said ‘ruining’ the island. I was just trying to draw an analogy between your idea of owning and ruining (as in destroying) your own island and between the human race and the earth. But I misunderstood your post. I realize you meant ‘running’ which you spelt ‘runing’ which is why I took it the other way. It’s funny how a single letter in a word changes the perception of an entire post.