No Real News

There is no more “Real” News. It’s all fake.

This an exponentially increasingly ‘modern’ global world. Everything and everyone is dominated by Sensationalism, Commercialism, and Hedonism. These are the three points of modernity. Sensationalism exists because people need to make big deals out of small issues, mountains out of molehills. Everything is drummed-up and splayed on “news” media because without that, the news media literally would have nothing to print at all. Everything has become re-manufactured; there’s very little or nothing new. And because there’s nothing new, modern society needs to reprint the same material over and over and over again. Like a movie “reboot”. How many fucking times can they remake Spiderman, before you’re sick and tired of it? For the majority with poor tastes, I guess, will continue to enjoy shit stew.

Commercialism is inserted into the Sensationalism. While you’re pulled into ‘fake’ news articles on the internet, in the news, on television, in the papers…here comes the rub. Buy this or that product. A small commercial, what’s 30 seconds of your time after all? After all, could Sensationalism exist without Commercials in between? This media program is intended to “shock and awe” you, but hold on while in suspense, for that 30 second commercial. Commercials are “fake” just to add to the overall fakery. The whole society is fake. People are fake. People are faking “being human”. People don’t even know what a “human” is. Don’t believe me? Ask one of them yourselves. Let me know the answers they give. That would be real news for once.

Then there’s the core of it all, Hedonism. Does this image or sound byte make me feel good? Because if it does, then it gets a like, and the commercial revenue goes up. If it makes me feel bad then it must go away, but not before being slandered and emoted against. That’s what most of humanity is doing, that is the real “social justice crusade”, against bad feelings. You made me feel bad, therefore I am a triggered victim, therefore you’re wrong, and therefore what you say must, eventually, be censored and banned into submission. Stop talking. Only “feel good news” will remain, eventually. Opinions? You can have them, but you can’t believe in them.

Western society has degenerated into a land mine of stepping on people’s toes, “Nobodies feelings hurt ever”. But, that’s not reality. And that’s not the “real news” people are after.

The show must go on. “Nothing new under the sun” and all that. Or if anything is new, then certainly the “News” will never touch or cover it.

So yes, no real news, all fake news, to come.

censored, banned…Don’t forget criminalized. :evilfun:

Too many people confuse social propaganda for reality and as social propaganda takes over the world reality becomes indistinguishable from social propaganda.