No Regrets

[size=150]No Regrets[/size]

If I could change the man I’ve been,
You might not recognize me when
You saw the man that I’d become,
Outside the same, but changed within.

Things I’ve done for who knows why,
Still haunt my dreams, even though I try
To free myself from chains that bind
My spirit held low, unable to fly.

Sometimes I think I’d like to change
Parts of my life when I acted so strange
That I wasn’t the person I wanted to be,
But the past you just can’t re-arrange.

If you’re happy with who you are now,
Have no regrets for the way and how
You’ve lived your life and all that you’ve done,
For that has made you what you’ve become.

No regrets for everything I’ve done,
No regrets for living life with one
Big black cloud following me around,
I can be happy with who I am now.

[size=59]© 2002 SHC[/size]

Thats a great poem, simple neat and to the point. Nice job. I think that the happiest, best and most successful people live without regrets.