Noar Hagevaot: The Hilltop Youth

[size=150][u]Hilltop Youth Brace Themselves For New Bolshevik Assault[/size][/u]

The valiant Hilltop Youth who have established inhabited outposts on over 130 hilltops throughout Judea, Samaria and the Gaza District, in order to prevent the creation of an independent PLO terrorist state, braced themselves for a new attempt by the left-wing Sharon regime to forcibly remove the Jewish pioneers from their new communities.

This week, Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon decided to unilaterally surrender Judea and Samaria to the PLO terrorist mass murderers.

Bush and his extremely well-fed lapdog Sharon certainly have an interesting strategy to fight Islamic terrorism: release huge numbers of Muslim terrorist mass murderers and create a 23rd Arab terrorist state in the heartland of tiny Israel.

Unfortunately, thousands of Hilltop Youth have been very naughty. They have no intention of obeying Bush’s Jew-hating Bolshevik orders.

The Hilltop Youth are such “extremists”!

[i]They believe that the Jews actually have a right to their own homeland.

They believe in the Burning Bush rather than George Bush.

They are not worried about Bush cutting off U.S. foreign aid to Israel — in fact, they believe that foreign aid only harms Israel and would welcome a cutoff.

They do not obey UN resolutions — they consider the UN to be a Satanic enemy of G-d, the Bible, righteous Jews and righteous Gentiles.

They believe that the Koran means what it says when it commands all Muslims to either forcibly convert or physically exterminate all non-Muslims.[/i]

What are you doing to help the Hilltop Youth ?

Warrior Monk-

  1. How is Bush a leftist? He has implemented conservative policies- Corporate Welfare in economics and oppostion to gay marriage, abortion, pornography etc. Sure, he may support immigration and affirmative action, but only to win the minority vote.
  2. How is Sharon a Bolshevik? He is head of the Likud party and is probably one of the most right-wing leaders in global politics today.
  3. Please could you inform me, using a mainstream news site (and not Jewish fundamentalist one) how Sharon plans on creating a Palestinian state?

They believe the Koran means what it says about exterminating/converting non-muslims :imp: and you’re asking me to support them? You’re kidding, right? :unamused:

If Democrat Presidential frontrunner Howard Dean captures his party’s nomination next year, he will almost certainly be defeated by President Bush because Dean’s extreme left-wing positions on the issues are unacceptable to the vast majority of American voters.

But while Dean will lose the election, most of his evil policies will eventually be implemented - by George W. Bush.

Bush, Jr., saw what happened to his father, and realizes that betraying the “conservative” base on the tax issue can be politically fatal. However, Bush, Jr., has also learned that he can betray the “conservative” base on every other issue and get away with it, as long as he supports reducing taxes.

Bush, Jr., supports legalizing millions of illegal aliens from Mexico and Latin America, and his “conservative” base still loves him.

Bush, Jr., supports a disastrous new $500 billion Medicare entitlement program, and his “conservative” base still loves him.

Bush, Jr., has increased the rate of non-defense domestic spending by far more than Bill Clinton did, and his “conservative” base still loves him.

Bush, Jr., has massively increased insane U.S. foreign aid handouts to all of America’s enemies - $87 billion for Muslim Iraq; $20 billion for Muslim Afghanistan; $15 billion for Africans with AIDS; billions of dollars for Muslim terrorist Pakistan; hundreds of millions of dollars for the PLO terrorists; and on and on - and his “conservative” base still loves him.

Bush, Jr., is constantly pressuring little Israel to implement the suicidal Middle East “road map” to Auschwitz, and his “conservative” base still loves him.

Bush, Jr., has done nothing about the growing nuclear terrorist threat from North Korea and Iran - while launching a massive war against Iraq, which did not pose a nuclear threat - and his “conservative” base still loves him.

Bush, Jr., has done nothing about America’s suicidal growing dependence on foreign oil in general and Muslim terrorist oil in particular, and his “conservative” base still loves him.

I could go on and on in listing Bush’s disastrous failures and his flagrant betrayal of conservative principles:

Bush supports racial discrimination against whites and asians;
Massive increases in Big Government spending;
Record-breaking budget deficits of over $400 billion a year;
Increases in U.S. foreign aid to America’s enemies;
Failure to do anything to protect America’s unborn children from murderous abortionists;
“Politically correct” Federal Government intervention in local education decisions and in the funding of private religious charities.
The list of Bush’s destructive left-wing policies is endless.

I’m sorry but in case you haven’t noticed Judaism and Christianity are two of the most mainstream world views available to humanity. It is the Bolshevik Atheist websites which reject the Big Bang and science which are out of touch with the mainstream.

-Strongly Opposes
Abortion is a woman’s right
Require companies to hire more women & minorities
Sexual orientation protected by civil rights laws
-Strongly Favors
Teach moral standards In Public Schools
More Federal Funding for Health Coverage
-Strongly Favors
Privatize Social Security
-Strongly Favors
Parents Choose Schools via Vouchers
-Strongly Favors
Death Penalty
-Strongly Favors
Mandatory “Three Strikes” Sentencing Laws
Absolute right to gun ownership
-Strongly Favors
Make Income Tax Flatter & Lower
Immigration helps our economy-encourage it
-Strongly Favors
Support & Expand Free Trade
Link Human Rights to trade with China
-Strongly Favors
More Spending on Armed Forces Personnel
Reduce spending on Missile Defense (“Star Wars”)
Continue Foreign Aid to Russia, Israel, & others
Spend Resources to Stop Global Warming
Drug use is immoral: enforce laws against it
-Strongly Favors
Allow churches to provide welfare services
Sure, compared to (say) you, Bush isn’t a conservative. The thing is, Warrior Spunk, compared to you, Pat Buchanan is a centrist who leans right slightly on the odd issue. Remember that Dubya thinks women should go to prison for owning vibrators: an extremist stance by anyone’s defination.

I didn’t have the time (nor the stupidity) to download those. Could you outline them for me?

I try to treat other’s views with respect, but this is so absurd. Could you actually inform me on how fundamentalism is mainstream and how Sharon intends to set up a Palestinian state? God, you make Kurt Weber look open-minded.