not everyone exists

If truth is what someone has learned to be valid for his life, the concept becomes a self fulfilling prophecy as soon as he act on what he has learned about it.

Learning lessons from events is not always beneficial. It will serve a rolling wheel of acts, coincidences and consequences, but it will not (necessarily) roll towards a goal.

If someone manage to unlearn certain lessons, the whole rolling process starts to appear nonsensical to him.

When the process of going down a hill seems nonsensical, different things start to happen. For one, he lose his balance. He now rolls down the hill unguided by his instincts for survival. The only way to live for him now is to scramble for footing and then climb uphill. He can still decide to roll down, but he has a choice - life becomes an act instead of a reaction - or it remains contemplative inaction.

Because, how to jump down, if one has a perspective on the hill? Fear prohibits the man who has freed himself from his course to involve himself again. Life now offers too many options, and too many dangers.

I have a theory that not everyone exists, and almost no one exists fully - at least not in society. Only the people who might be called “fortunate”, that is that their lot seems to support their decisions, can existentially satisfy any conscious purpose that might be attributed to their particular existence. Whether this power is gained or one is born into it, I don’t know but I can see that it is possible to create beneficial circumstances for such a birth. A controlled, technologically sustained “paradise” for a number of carefully selected gene-pools would be a scientific experiment deserving rational support.

Truth can be taught to sustain an enduring diversion from power. - Power was in the past, and it was evil - or the other extreme - power is eternal and it is in us all. No one of these is real, power is real and it is now, and you know it if you have it.

Whoever would stop rolling down the hill and manage to get hold of something real, and from that root on make an assessment of the situation he finds himself in, must see a lot of individuals crashing by into a deep slope. Whether the bottom is visible or not, it would be perceived as a frightening and surreal ritual.

No one lives fully free. Supposed knowledge are like particles in what should be crystal clear water. Too much unfounded beliefs (truths to many of us) have been programmed into the mind.
And then there is the stuff we take it upon ourselves to accept as true. We assume and believe many things.
IFear will diminish as that knowledge is purged. We keep many beliefs out of fear.
When you start the journey down the hill. It is not fear but the awareness that you had been lied to that will lead you to just let go and get disconnected. And then even the hill will not be needed now in free fall with nothing to hold on to and nothing to hold you you will finaly be free.

In a way we see to have opposite views - you see it as letting go, I see it as holding on -
for me, it takes quite a lot of scrimmage to break this free fall of encoded existence.
But what is freedom if the world around you is tied and bound? Freedom then also feels like exile.

but to be a fortuante is not a predestined epithath we make what we want in life. No body is born, the organism is born but the you is created from relationships. So if you think you are fortunate you were not born there you created it.
But most put themselves in fences and chains. as a free person one can feel as in exile. but it is not an exilke it is that they locked themselves up.

many things need to be let go. for example you might think that supermodels are pretty. But in actuality it is your value and your preference that you are admiring*. Because nobody is ugly and no body is pretty we only think they are**. it is assumptions like that that govern our life for the most part. But you can look at what motivate or creates fear in you you also let them go if you want.
Ideas are not always true***. But we grasp and hold them as true. Prejudices and other assumptions will lead to a limited life. We become a people of limited intersets. Let them go.
To let go is freedom , because then we are no longer slaves. We can look at thought or ideas and act awareingly. Nothing is then holding on to you. And you are not holding on to anything.

*narcissiticly we are admiring our idea.
**when we measure people to fit a this preconception is heinieous
***superiority complexes arise from this erroneous thought

The always androgynous supermodels are what gay men and some women think is attractive. Me I like big tits, what can I say it’s intrinsic and it make me happy.

“Supermodels are nice to look at but the voluptuous woman is a more comfortable ride.”

Some guy.

“Don’t… don’t, don’t believe the hype, ahahahahaahhh!”

Some Rapper.

Very Fight Club, and a wise notion.

rapper Sir Mix-A-lot

“Oh My God Becky
Look at that butt”…
“I like big butts and I can not lie
You other brothers can’t deny
That when a girl walks in with an itty bitty waist
And a round thing in your face
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Preaching to the converted it sing it Sir Mix-A-lot.

On a more serious note it is actually scientifically true that women appear to believe that a smaller waste size is more attractive to men than it is.

Capslock, I think where we are born largely determines the relationships we form.

Whether we find supermodels attractive or not is an instinctual matter - they sure don’t look fit to procreate, so yes the gay aesthetic might have some truth to it - but whether we believe that all people have equal right, for example, is not - or is it?

the problem is many think we are an object or container of some sort. The container is a phantasm or a pattern in space or a wave srtucture in an energitic space. Ant material or particle will dissolve into empty space upopn a closer examination.

And in this cycle the object will decompose all the fundamentals of that object wre once the components of T-rexs, ceasar, lincoln, and even jesus. The object is not a finished product It is only a transitional pahase in this never ending process.The object is recycled. So when people say we are the container they are saying we are a transitional phase or a process.

So this transitional phase developes cultures. The culture is not a self made phenomena. the human thing created all cultures. Children in that culture are domesticated to fit. The minds are convoluted distorted and lied to. and we believe it.

Genes are not the item that will create an identity. It is not genes that made people american
it was the convoluted grasping mind.

Well, except Jesus. Maybe Jesus, but not him.

Do nurture and nature complement each other in the significance of the T Rex to Lincoln?

Naturally t rex and the other animal arrive but culture made lincoln. One animal never imagined itself to be anything but the other animal grasped and held onto ideas right or wrong and created lincoln.

‘Letting go’ and ‘holding on’ are metaphors for the same thing.

Vital truths are disguised behind such paradoxes, so that only those mentally ready for them may understand.

But regardless whether Lincoln differed from a T-Rex or if Jesus is different from everyone else, what is your opinion about your own existence? I mean, do you exist?

The mind is a grasping thing. To think is to think something.

Human consciousness consists of differentiating and identifying. We create realities within our minds by creating identities from observed relationships. This is not a negative or “bad” thing, even if the reality created only exists within that single human mind. To live, as a human, is to perceive and create. We get to live within these creations of ours, we get even to construct ourselves. The idea that we need to “see without seeing”, as if sight were some sort of limitation on seeing, is only a metaphor. Unfortunately many people misunderstand Buddhist teachings in this way, taking them as a literal or concrete sort of ‘practice’, like meditating. But every Buddhist koan is a metaphor for a mental state of mind, an act, a process within the mind’s eye.

The mind is not the “enemy”, it is the liberator. Perception and discriminating consciousness, the act of identification and differentiation, is not something to be negated, but to be enriched, enhanced, grown and nurtured carefully, as a tiny infant. We ARE our perception, the awareness of consciousness from a human platform. There is no “existence” beyond this human frame, not in any sense we need concern ourselves with at present. Yes - this ‘beyond’ does exist, life does not end in the grave, but until we activate the body, strengthen the heart and broaden the mind we are unable to know anything of this next life at all. All starting points that are false can only lead to false endings.

‘Objects’ are constructs of consciousness, yes - but this does not mean we should seek to rid ourselves of the act of conscious constucting. The mind created illusions, but they are nonetheless real; real illusions. Real for us. And real in the sense that they can be shared. Energy cycles and becomes new things, new places and new people over time - but this does not mean that the YOU right NOW does not exist, nor does it mean that you ought to project your consciousness into these past or future forms. To do so only creates dissociation and dislocation. The mislead thinks that by projecting and negating he comes to Truth and Peace; but the truth is nothing more than an ignorant fiction, the peace nothing more than the stasis of an empty consciousness.

Cultivate your awareness. Love your body and mind, dont try to destroy or “overcome” them. Be what you are: you can never be anything more than this. . . and if you try to be, you will only end up being less than what you are.

I am an idea. It is thought that suggests our existence. I is an imagination. I is not a concrete substance any where. I exist as thought not a thinker.
The physical organism is a transitional phase of the process. The molecules come into a proper portions for an instant and that is when we jump out and say look “I” here. Many of us say I am the body but of course we are not. that human thing will dissapte and return back into the process. And any ways upon a closer look at that matter you will see that it dissappears into empty space.
The body is as a phantasm and the “I” is imagined.

[quote=“The Last Man”]
…Human consciousness … We create realities within our minds …human mind… mental state of mind, …The mind is not the "enemy…we broaden the mind … Love your mind, dont try to destroy or “overcome” it.

These phrases tell me that you assume another entity is present
What I posit is the the only thing here is mind. The mind is not in the human but the human in in the mind.
And “I” is imagined. The mind is as crystal clear water (to use more metaphors) that has particles floating in it. The crystal clear water will acknowledge the particles but will not bond to them. If it bonds to them it will be distorted and murky. Many minds have grasped at the specks and have made them part of their identity. And it is so; that identity, emotions, passions, and loves stem from how we acknowledge letgo or grasp this ideas. And from hence we arrive.
Further the more that is let go the more true our love becomes true.

If everything is an illusion, then nothing is an illusion.

The fact that things (such as our “I”) are constructed from separate underlying mechanisms unknown to us directly (or that they are illusory, impermanent or will eventually pass away) does not in any way demean those things - viewing the Ego as a negative that should be gotten rid of (“letting go”) is a misunderstanding common to superficial analyses of Buddhism. The Ego should not be abandoned, as this does not bring enlightenment but only emptiness of nonexistence; we must cultivate and educate the Ego, deepen and strengthen our consciousness and awareness. The psychological self is not to be shunned, but should be loved and nurtured.

If all things are derived from the same common essence (“mind”, God, Akasha, etc) this does not mean that things themselves do not exist, or that existence is in some way “wrong” or false. It simple acknowledges the deep nature of existence as well as the common unity of all things. All things are separate and unified; it is not necessary to condemn the separation in order to praise the unification. . . without one, the other cannot be. The beautiful unity of reality and the mental nature of existence does not condemn or alter the state of that existence itself, it only adds depth and further levels of comprehension.

Escaping suffering through “letting go” is not a pathway to enlightenment; enlightenment is nothing more than becoming awake, and those who prefer the easy narcotic of “losing themselves” and giving up the Ego through denial and asceticism accomplish nothing more than allowing themselves to fall deeper into the sleep of the dreamer. We all dream the dream of reality - the ignorant closes his eyes and thinks he is enlightened, while the wise learns to open his eyes fully to perceive the dream within him and thus, through understanding, comes to attain true knowledge (Illumina-tion, enlighten-ment).

Buddhism is a very powerful and wonderful tool, but unfortunately most people use it as nothing more than an opiate sedative (this deep ignorance and apathetic misunderstanding is the result of esoteric knowledge being interpreted for the masses, by the masses - thus their false mirage serves to conceal the true nature of this occult knowledge from those who are not ready for it). . . and they do this ultimately at their own profound loss and spiritual peril.

[quote=“The Last Man”]
…cultivate and educate the Ego, deepen and strengthen our consciousness and awareness. … The psychological self is not to be shunned, but should be loved and nurtured.

In westen definition of ego it stands for selfcenter, conceit and/or self importance etc… In the buddhist sense ego is more akin to what we are calling the “I” , the self. Both meaning are somewhat similiar both but not really.

So basically I am saying the same : “We” should love and nuture the self. But since I is a product of thought we should look at the self and see what is it that defines it.
There are many many dangerous, unfounded, and/or useless ideas that we have identified with. These ideas such as these purged. The only way to see them is through awareness.
And as for ideas that are beneficial we can allow them and acknowledge them. to let go means just that to let go not to purge. We let go and lose are attachment and servitude.

A simple example is for instance we see a girl and we remark that girl is pretty or man what an ugly girl. But really we are only looking at our idea of pretty and or ugly. They in themselve as in all people we are not ugly nor are we pretty. And there are many many ideas that are wrong and usless.