Nothing is permanent. Is my death permanent?

Nothing is permanent. Is my death permanent?
Philosophers, please resolve my confusion.

Perhaps you should question the one who told you that “nothing is permanent”.

No individual physical item is permanent. There are an infinity of non-existent things that are permanently non-existent. Once your body is truly dead, its individual life is non-existent. Although there are an infinity of other "you"s out in the infinite universe, that particular one of that particular body shall never exist again. No particular star, galaxy, planet, moon, or being shall ever exist again once it has decomposed or disintegrated.

Philosophers have already answered your confusion … consider this:

Socrates and Aristotle are manifestations of “The Word Incarnate” … they assumed human form for the sole purpose of seeding words/concepts into human consciousness.

Discover why you have taken on human garb and you will discover your immortality … a notion expressed in religious terms … the Kingdom of God is within.