Notification When a Post is Replied

Unless we read up all the threads and various sections in this forum we do not know of responses to our posts.
There could be an old post in a different section which I do not participate often, if someone respond to an older post in an older OP, I will not know of it.

Noted in PhBB supported Forum there is a “Notification” when any particular post of a member is quoted and replied.
The Notification is in ‘red’ and show the number of posts responded. Clicking it will produce the list of post responded by a specific member.

I suggest ILP install such a facility if it is free and available.

Yes, I agree.

Toward the top of the page on the left, ‘View your posts’ will show you all topics you’ve participated in, sorted by most recent reply and marked if they have unread replies.

Toward the bottom of the page on the left, ‘Subscribe topic’ will set up an automatic email alert when a new post is made in a topic.

Clicking a user’s name and then ‘Search user’s posts’ on the right will show you all the posts by that user, in reverse chronological order.

That’s what I do. Then I click on the thread and go back to my last post, then read forward.

A post notification would be good, but it would only work when someone quotes me, so maybe it’s better to be forced to rummage around since not all replies are quoted.

The problem with that is I haven’t checked the email associated with this account in years lol