Obama Indicted by Federal Court


Let’s see how the media covers this one up.

2:30 in and it’s just a load of gibberish. Does he ever mention anything pertinent?

No, not to mention the fact that a sitting President cannot be indicted or brought under criminal prosecution (http://www.justice.gov/olc/sitting_president.htm) all this presentation does is show that there are nut jobs in any extremist group–both left and right wing.

How do you find this stuff James? Is this on Public Access in your area or something?

Oh here we go with the “nut-job” accusations already.

As per that unofficial site that you referenced;
“the Office of Legal Counsel (“OLC”) prepared a comprehensive memorandum in the fall of 1973”

Note that the OLC is NOT the Supreme Court nor the Senate and has no authority other than to profess its opinion.

“In this memorandum, we conclude that the determinations made by the Department in 1973, both in the OLC memorandum and in the Solicitor General’s brief, remain sound and that subsequent developments in the law validate both the analytical framework applied and the conclusions reached at that time.”

Who is “we”? I am guessing that he meant the OLC itself.

[i]"The Impeachment Judgment Clause provides:

Judgment in Cases of Impeachment shall not extend further than to removal from Office, and disqualification to hold and enjoy any Office of honor, Trust or Profit under the United States: but [u]the Party convicted shall nevertheless be liable and subject to Indictment[/u], Trial, Judgment and Punishment, according to Law."[/i]

All they have said is that they are to impeach him before taking him to court in order to follow proper procedure.

“In Clinton v. Jones, the Court declined to extend the immunity recognized in Fitzgerald to civil suits challenging the legality of a President’s unofficial conduct. In that case, the plaintiff sought to recover compensatory and punitive damages for alleged misconduct by President Clinton occurring before he took federal office. The district court denied the President’s motion to dismiss based on a constitutional claim of temporary immunity and held that discovery should go forward, but granted a stay of the trial until after the President left office. The court of appeals vacated the order staying the trial, while affirming the denial of the immunity-based motion to dismiss. The Supreme Court affirmed, permitting the civil proceedings to go forward against the President while he still held office.”

The one and only Sin for the people who have been manipulating America for the last century is “Thou shalt not be Caught by the wrong people”.

What is being proposed by this report is that the Serpent has been caught with his hand in the cookie jar, by a Federal Court. We haven’t heard yet whether such an announcement will even be made by that court. The exact indictment public wording hasn’t even been formed. Kings and Pharaohs have ways of dealing with justice departments. The mainstream media is highly careful as to what it reveals and what it doesn’t, else they would lose their power of arbitrary persuasion.

This particular “President” has been caught many times by many authorities. The media and hidden strings have managed thus far to cover their tracks sufficiently to prevent impeachment.

So we will see.

…but it is a nice thought that the US citizens would get one more chance to get their country back.

And btw, rather than the trite accusation that someone is a “nut-case”, an ad hom at best, consider that when any professional journalist publicly states that a Federal Court has proposed an indictment and yet no such indictment existed, that person is liable for prosecution of slander (expecially against a President) and WILL be convicted. That is assuming that he doesn’t first meet with an “accident” or suicided using an unregistered AR15 that he stole from his mother.

It wasn’t theirs to begin with, they took it through genocide. It makes me laugh to see that they are coming full circle, and what they visited on others is now going to be visited on them. Given their rampant denial about who they are and what they’ve done in this world, the American people totally have it coming to them.

It most certainly was “always theirs”.

If you are talking about the land, I would agree that it was taken from others, much like Israel today. But the country, under the reign of a Constitution, has certainly always been the property of US citizens. When it was undermined by socialist monarchs in 1913, the US citizens lost serious hope of ever recovering their country. And to this day have proven to not be able to retrieve what was literally stolen from them; their lives and hopes.

If you are talking about the colonies haven been setup by those socialist regimes, there is the issue of A) whether socialist monarchs actually ever really own any people and B) whether people can be owned who are far away and out of reasonable governing range of the monarchy. Being owned means being controlled. It has been proven that they were not owned.

Technology has allowed far more control over remote peoples today than ever before, so now socialist regimes aggress into populations that they had not owned and take over while hiding and pretending to not be involved. But stealing is stealing.

‘Socialist monarchs’ is a contradition in terms you utter berk. And I’m looking forward to your explanation of how the Fed is a ‘socialist’ institution.

Like I say, Americans are going to get what’s coming to them. They’ve lived so high for so long on the work of others, all the time claiming (like you do) that it’s all because of the big nasty government that they weren’t massively wealthier. They are so deluded. As are you, I’m afraid.

A socialist regime has been proposed as a system run by a group of the elite. A monarchy is defined as a single minded governing structure. Even if that small elitist group wasn’t actually be controlled by merely one person, it is still merely a monarch system wherein the mind of the monarch happens to be a few rather than one.

The FED specifically and directly controls the availability of currency and thus controls the economy exactly as planned, even though unconstitutional.

James Darn near every president since Kennedy has had the opposing party dig up dirt and go through impeachment proceedings, sometimes it dies at birth sometimes it gets further.There is not one good, clean, honest politician in this world. To become a leader you have to deliberately harm, lie and connive. The talented ones hide it well.

Yeah, I know. But you can’t give up hope that eventually one might succeed, especially with one as dirty as this one.
Not only is this one seriously treasonous, but he isn’t even a real President.

Bullshit, all that wind blowing and to never reveal the nature of the specific charges.

Any idea what the charges are, L. Larouche is speaking of?

Citizens’ Grand Jury Ocala Florida Division.

In summary. The six counts are related to information regarding the raid on Bin Laden. This release of information is being called a “leak”. This “leaked” information is being characterized as a violation of national security.

So… don’t actually tell us what the charges are, play them up as “really serious”. Get the Tea Party involved and pass a lot of bad gas and hot air.

Just another example of how seriously silly the divide between republicans and democrats is.

I don’t think Larouche qualifies as either Republican or Democrat.
And I’m not even certain that the Florida grand jury indictment is what he was referring to.
He specifically stated a “Federal Court”, not a State Grand Jury.
But it is still early.
As I said, either he or the President is in serious jeopardy.

James name one of the last 8 presidents that was not considered treasonous by their opponents. All of the presidents from Kennedy to Obama have been puppets. The two parties are the treasonous ones, in bed together, using their followers to crap over us. The truly treasonous are the followers of Republican and Democrat parties.

Are you saying that because it has happened before, “precedence”, it is all okay and should be ignored?
Obama is an extraordinary case, regardless. He isn’t even a legal President. I think that makes him a bit out of the norm.

The country acknowledges him being legal. So wether he is or not is moot. It won’t change.
I am most definitely not saying it should be ignored. I am pointing out the problem. The next prez will be the same unless change occurs. And that change has to be telling both parties, as a nation, to fuck off.

Well, that is kind of what we are all hoping for.
But it has to begin somewhere.