Observing JSS' thoughts on Psychology - RM:AO

obsrvr524 > So here is a link to his discussion based on physics and psychology aptly named: Physics of Psychology - James’ thoughts on psychology are broader than what I have posted here - I can make further posts as needed to help make things even more clear - I will leave that to you to let me know if that is required or not.

It is not too difficult to understand. People generally make understanding things difficult by themselves through overthinking things - this is something James and I agreed upon.

Please note his caution: “Ethically, one must be careful of what is said concerning real psychology in such an environment as this, but I would like to propose a concrete analogy between particle physics and the far more vague field of psychology. Understand that this is not about what professional psychologists understand, but rather a completely new ontology of psychology from which the entire subject of psychology can be founded (or rebuilt).”

obsrvr524 - I don’t think that discussion is useful so let me just post some stuff here for you. However…here is the link to that discussion: Autumn Asphodel

A link to this post: https://ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=193560&p=2685157#p2685157

Then he added this:

A link to this post: https://ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=193560&p=2685157#p2685217

Regarding his thoughts on psychs

A link to this post: https://ilovephilosophy.com/viewtopic.php?f=15&t=193560&p=2685157#p2685249 - he is not saying that the whole field is bad necessarily - this can trip some people up - again if they start overthinking “it” or applying their own meaning to what he is saying. Applying our own meaning to what other people say is unavoidable - it is the source of our most common mistakes - we can of course mitigate this problem.

I hope this is useful to you obsrvr524 - I am happy to elaborate on things or simplify things if needed. I can also link to and/or post related thoughts.

I once said to James that I think blasphemy is believing in blasphemy.

His reply? “I’m scared of you”

Turns out I was right. There is no blasphemy, just reputation. And I was wrong, there is no blasphemy.

Man was I young back then. I just said shit to say shit.

James lived in Portland with me. He refused to meet me (I was a shithead back then anyways).

Thing is though… I outlearned him.

Back when I used to discuss with him, I had an idea that he was intelligent …

Something just rubbed me wrong about him.

He wasn’t speaking the truth. He was speaking dogma in a very wise way. But not truth with a capital t.

Everything I know, I had to figure out without a teacher. I mean, don’t get me wrong! I’ve had a shit ton of teachers.

I excelled them.

Sure, we all have niches. But when push comes to shove, my specialization is meta.

I’m unrivaled here. Until I teach. And then I have peers.

What is life without a peer? Empty.

Life without a peer is empty, and empty life is not a life.

James made mistakes and I tripped him up a couple of times - he was only human - this went the other way too.

His way of thinking was effective, however.

Anyway, I mainly made this thread for obsrvr524 so as not to pollute a different thread - obsrvr524 is interested in James’ thinking.

I left this anecdote so Obsrvr could not only understand James better, but for the reason you made it… so he can see how others see him.

I’m not going to hijack this.

I will say that psychology is not as soft a science as James made it out to be.

That was one of his limitations.

I can appreciate this…I was only clarifying my position.

The thread is public - I don’t take ownership of threads that I create. For this reason, you are welcome to say whatever you want from my point of view.

Well, I think he learned it at a time that it was softer, so to speak.

Psychology is very useful but the field is still full of conflicting opinions.

It’s not that complicated. We act out when we have no hope. What I mean by this, and I know that you know that I said this… existence is violating everyone’s consent in some way, shape or form.

Monkey see, monkey do.

When people act out existence, they’re just modeling what they see.

Very common. Lots of different ways to do it.

When you tell existence “fuck you” and do the work of not modeling it… your mind becomes something so beautiful.

That’s what James didn’t understand.

Yes, but putting it like this can confuse some people because they don’t understand what you do. I do pay attention.

I see how people act out through lack of hope and James would have said when there is a perceived threat.

…but…mostly, I agree with it not being that complicated…

Yeah, but, you have to understand this about James.

He thought not only that existence was perfect, he thought there was a perfect being.

That’s not what makes a mind beautiful here.

I don’t believe existence is perfect - this is a viewpoint. I shift my viewpoint to suit the situation - I am only a person with a job to do.

I don’t have a full-scale philosophy - just a way to live to help me get through this crappy life. I am certainly not on ILP to change you or anyone else.

I came here to learn from philosophical types. Some people look at me the wrong way - commonly assuming what I am.

You don’t have a bad reputation dude.

Here’s the deal:

James hated “god wannabes”. Why? Psychology. He hated himself. He was projecting. Very basic psychology. He was a god wannabe. That’s why he railed on them so hard.

Sublimated self hatred.

We also use projective strategies to help us understand others - maybe dodging our own self-judgment in the process. Using one’s predictions about oneself as a proxy for others works only when one can reasonably expect another person to respond similarly to a situation. I think you and James were very different people(looking from the outside) and therefore it is too difficult for me to know exactly what either of you thought of each other - I can only take your word for it because James never actually said anything bad about you to me. I did see over time that some people had a problem with him and he and I fought on one occasion but it did not bother me enough to have a lasting effect.

When James and I discussed, I was a fucking piece of shit. No doubt about it.

When I see James now (and he is still here in spirit) I see a person who was trying with the best they had at the time.

I’m not mad at James … he really tried.

If you really try, you’re in my good side.

Well, I am not gonna lie - I have been mad at a couple of people here over time - currently, I am annoyed with peacegirl for instance, and the last one I remember before her, was eaglerising if I recall correctly.

I don’t know, this could be a different kind of mad though…but yeah…James tried.

Zookers this could take a while for me to absorb. My focus on here is already pretty intermittent and with those other two threads referenced, James get pretty deep and there is a ton to unpack -

  • Schizophrenia
  • Genderbending
  • Personality shifting
  • Memory
  • Mental illness
  • Perception of Hope and/or Threat: Emotional Charge
  • PHT Attraction
  • PHT Repulsion
  • General Relativity (even :open_mouth: )
  • Emotional Distance
  • gravitational migration
  • charge emoting
  • Random Propagation
  • Chaotic Propagation
  • A PHT Universe
  • Speed of Propagation
  • Inertia and Impedance
  • PHT social propagation and Socio-chemistry
  • Mass and Memory
  • Trauma and Fear
  • Impedance Mismatching
  • Anentropy of Charged Particles
  • Wave Propagation
  • MCR
  • The Impenetrable Wall - An Exclusion Barrier
  • Particle Annihilation
  • Psycho-Impedance Exclusion Barrier
  • Psycho-mass
  • Socio-Impedance Exclusion Barrier
  • The Schooling of Emma

And all as it relates to psychology (of all things) with a lot of good questions between from you, gib, Mithus, and Arminius. I feel like I am back at university going after a new degree.

I feel like an expert at interpreting James but this could take a while - give me some time to find time to concentrate enough to get through all of this. :smiley:

Peacegirls’s hilarious!

She says that everyone is a robot, and once we understand this, the world will finally be at peace.

Well how the fuck can you understand that if you’re just a robot?!?!

Her mind is fucking nuts.

But I understand people trying to make the world better.

She’s trying. That’s good enough for me.



I removed a couple of things that I put here.

I don’t want to confuse anyone who follows James’ work to the word.

Just s quick note - Ecmandu seems to feel free to lie about many people. He has lied about what James said. He has lied about what I have said. I have told him that I am now ignoring all of his posting (I only know about it now because you quoted him).

I imagine there is a Jamesian psychological cause behind his behavior (I can sense it). I’ll see if James covers this kind of thing - some kind of self-hatred and projecting thing. He would probably make a good case study.