Of Asceticism/Minimalism

I don’t want much in life, if anything, I want to learn how to make do with less.

I find condiments are often more trouble than they’re worth, so I want to eat without even butter, oil and salt, just cook with water, eat plain, whole foods.

For most people, their challenge is to attain more money and things, but for me, my challenge is to see how little I can do without.

The only things I really care about are philosophy, science, and to a lesser extent, art, but even these things ought to be moderated or minimized, in my view, thou I will confine myself to indulging in them, if I’m to indulge myself in anything.

I’ve been listening to too much rock and metal music lately, maybe it’s not really conducive to the sort of psychoneurophysio state I want to achieve.

Striving for only what is essential in life, of substance, and discarding the rest.

I might quit masturbating.

Probably going to start exercising soon, but not to excess.
But before that, I might go on a fast, or partial fast, to cleanse my body of all the impurities I’ve accumulated throughout the years.

What is morality?
Could the ascetic/minimalist be synonymous with the moral?
They take little more than they need, and they let everyone else have theirs.

I should say I’m not religious, I’m agnostic regarding spiritual and theistic things, nor am I anti-pleasure, I just think many pleasures, especially what I would refer to as the more unnatural and unnecessary ones, are often far more trouble than they’re worth, and that we’re probably capable of attaining a much healthier and more, not necessarily spiritual, but conscious state of being/existence.