Official: Post a Picture of Yourself

Yeah, Shyster, as far as beauty goes, you are hard to top (plus you have a brain!). As far as men go – Master Mike is not doing his job, if your being perceived as beautiful is important to you – because, clearly, you do not realize how beautiful you are.

I agree – you look much better as a brunette. Not that it really matters to me, one way or the other.

:astonished: oh god.
physical beauty doesnt concern me usually, but i am convinced you are literally the most gorgeous person ive seen.
i cant stop staring, and i saw that before turning my computer off last night (i came home at 1am) and i couldnt stop thinking about that second picture all day.

(hope that doesnt creep you out)

you are so very very genetically lucky but im positive your personality makes you even more attractive.

funny how you arent aware (or dont act like youre aware) that you are…wow…i dont know, but in my yes, i shudder when i look at you and im straight.

you ooze sex as a blonde (ms. sex on legs, hehe) and youre adorable as a brunette.
and that second picture is … i dont know how to describe it really, but looking at it is like a drug.

the fact that im dead serious about everything ive said kinda scares me.

don’t be. in my study i concluded that they are the same person. however, the two sets of pictures seem to be taken 20 years and a heroin addiction apart. (nevertheless they’re both still attractive…)

Which one makes me look younger…and which one makes me look like I’m on heroin? I’m concerned…is it my photography or the other guy’s? I’m a ripe old 33 in ALL of them.

Wow…thanks! I’m so flattered I’m speechless… :smiley: You made my week!

best I can do w.r.t. seeing my eyes

yes now i can see them…

and they are pretty!

lol, i wasn’t asking for a compliment, you just asked to see is all

well since you went to the trouble…i felt compelled to respond…
and im serious you really do have pretty eyes!

yay :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Hello F(r)iends,

Tab has nice eyes. He looks like a sexy old goat.



WOW you have awesome eyes!! like an angel :smiley:


See I was thinking the dress and the shoes didn’t do the pictures justice this time. Sarax, lets get something straight. You are an attractive woman but if you are going for the whole costume pose in front of the new car thing, then I think you should be more critical.

The dress is cool but it isn’t you. The shoes don’t fit right either. The hat is great, and the faces are good too. The pose with the slight bend at the back showcases your butt, conservatively, which is appropriate of course, but with enough form to indicate a decent amount of “junk,” as it were, in tha trunk.

I’m gonna give you a six this time Sarax, but the one in the first series with the black dress, I think it was, was your best yet. I gave that a seven and a half. Hey, don’t be greedy. I’m sure you could make an eight or nine and I do keep in mind that pictures don’t always do someone justice. Keep up the good work and don’t take your clothes off yet. Oh, and lets keep the posing at a moderate level…nothing to much resembling a mounting position. And forget about what the camera guy says. No we don’t want you to make love to the camera so ignore teasing of that nature.

Go 'head, sista. Make dees playas recognize.

hey hey, its ascot the dress had to be done, and i like that dress and love those shoes. the pose was just me pissing about. but like are you rating me cos like wtf!!!
i’m at least an 8 :stuck_out_tongue:
ok fine
retreats back into her shell to find a paper bag

you have amazing eyes!

now i have to compare your eyes to embracetrees eyes.

your eyes have so much more intellegence behind them, and they are way sexier…they are gorgeous and so deep, i just fell into them…
i dont think i could look into your eyes in person without blushing :blush:

embracetrees your eyes are way cuter

i believe my theory is right…when you look into a persons eyes you look into the person, your intelligence, your artistic nature, your philosophical nature, your personality…your eyes show these things.

finally found the camera…

strange how looking into someone’s eyes is so different from looking into their nostrils.

:astonished: I doooo soooo hope that was your wife borrowing your username Thirst. :astonished: