Official: Post a Picture of Yourself

that means alot coming from you, shyster!kiss

Please don’t forget the past

That is the thread that started it all. There are pictures there that some don’t want to re-post.

from a week ago.
i’m back from work also.

Funny. I don’t recall Kant saying anything about being a lumberjack.

i was actually treeplanting. when my water would run low or the hours long i would see double, see yeti’s lurking in the treeline, but the scariest thing i saw was rows of toilet paper spaced 6 feet by 6 feet. because basically that was what we were planting - but they also called it Spruce. there are no real forests here anymore . they clear cut them, and put in something artificial and depressing.
i went back this summer with the same feeling of being a soldier for a noble cause, whatever it was, and even with the feeling that we could win, but no.
i’m basicially recovering, (my sanity)… and while i’m at my leisure now i plant to read a lot. BR’s History of Philosophy is on my list, as well as his Problems of Philosophy.
i’d say its good to be back or something like that, but truthfully as far as i can tell: i really don’t care.

Good man, Monooq. We need more trees, especially hardwoods.

Was the hard-hat mandatory or did you choose to wear it?

I hate the fucking things. Unfortunately for me, Osha is slowly but surely taking over the residential construction industry, and I’m having to quit more jobs because of it. What? You thought I would wear one and keep the job? No way.

One time I almost fell off of some scaffolding because of the damn hard-hat. As you know they sit four to five inches above the top of your head, and when ducking below objects we don’t naturally go low enough for the hat to clear because we are used to maneuvering according to our normal height. Well, when the hat bumped the bar I leaned back and almost slipped. If I wasn’t wearing the damn thing I wouldn’t have bumped my head and leaned back.

No sir. I will never wear another hard-hat again.

I see the duct-tape on the boots. That’s pretty hard-core, man. Now I’ve used electrical tape for a band-aid before, but never tape on the boots. Was that a method for water-proofing or just keeping debris out of your boots?

Just one I took with the webcam…

yeah… I’m not actually all that old

By request from a certain ILPer…here’s a normal picture of me, taken by me in a mirror.

You have a rare face. You are more beautiful from a dead-on perspective than from a 3/4 perspective.

I don’t know about rare - but it’s certainly very big…

Hubba-Hubba Shyster:smiley:

she looks alot better in the 3/4 than in the dead on really.

You know when I came in today I saw zenofeller’s name as the last post in the picture thread, and I thought he had posted a picture of himself. Well, I clicked on it and scrolled down a bit, a little impatient for the picture to load (I’ve got dial-up) and went to the kitchen to get a Pepsi. When I came back in the second picture of Shyster was half loaded and I thought it was a picture of Michael Jackson. I was sure zenofeller was cracking a joke. But seriously, doesn’t Shyster’s face have a similiar contour? Anyway, I thought it was funny and should mention it.

Shyster, I like you much better as a brunette. I think that “model,” if that’s what you call it, who is staying with you should take a few tips from you on how to look attractive and respectable.

No offense, but that girl looks disgusting.

After looking at you I hate porn even more. That’s a compliment, by the way.

You are about a 1000 times better looking that that “hot” girl that you posted. Do I see some french influnence in the genes? Also there’s some Audrey Hepburn.

Wow, Shyster.
I wonder why ugly girls never post on ILP?
(not complaining!)

Yikes! You also look like my girlfriend who is Slovak, only she has bigger cheekbones. Very unique face, once again.

Thank-you! Oh my gosh you people are nice. :smiley:

lol…they are pretty big…the one is life-size.

Come to think of it, it does look like Michael Jackson…that’s kinda creepy.

'till you get beaten with an ugly stick.

hardhats were ‘mandatory’. my brother works in construction, he says the boss’ policy is: if you fall from a height, you are fired before you hit the ground. tough job.
the ducktape helped a bit with waterproofing, and ankle support.

I’m a little suspicious. The 2nd one, the pixie-to-die-for one (guys you know the one) doesn’t look at all like the attractive BLOND lady Shyster posted on page one. Not in this decade anyway. The come-hither french chanteuse is a little more plausible. But bear in mind it’s extremely posed.
So just to clear matters up for everyone here, I submit that Shyster should be required to post yet more pictures for confirmational purposes only. Here are a few suggestions, just to get things started:

  1. Dressed as a nun.
  2. Dressed as a candy striper.
  3. Donning an ILP t-shirt. Wet t-shirt optional.
  4. W/glasses and prim outfit, reading de Sade.
  5. Dressed as a nurse.

Again, this is only for confirmational purposes. Otherwise, nice pics, all of you.

I took it in a mirror while trying to keep the camera out of the shot and trying to keep the shot in focus…cut me some slack,man. The other ones were taken around 6months ago…and they are video captures from Miss Pain, where I’m all done up in my face paint and monkey suit.My hair was dyed, and it still is. I have to dye my hair…it started going grey at 16 and is about 40% grey right now.

If I were to put up phoney pics,I’d put up pics of someone way more attractive than me…

There are ILP t-shirts? Where can I get one?

Hmmm…why would you want to see pictures of me in the aforementioned garb when you can surf the net and find much more beautiful women wearing all of the above?

I’m curious…is it because it seems more interesting when you already know the person somewhat…like the difference between seeing a Playboy model naked and seeing a female co-worker at your office naked?

Wholly debatable.