Official: Post a Picture of Yourself

You guys are amazing. :gay-rainbow: :romance-kisscheek: :animals-fishgreen:

Ecmandu, it is good that you dont smile. Most of the time when a man smiles for an occasion instead of from himself, it gives me the creepy shivers.

Heaven is missing an Angel

hair is red now

not bad :blush: :blush: :blush:
do you have the +18 version???

yes that is the 38 year old version

if not for that red hair id be second guessing myself right now :blush: :blush: :blush:

A weird thing… I decided to dye my 2/3/4/5/20 grey hairs, as they were really pissing me off, and I dyed them that exact colour/strawberry blonde.

I’ll soon get over being weirded out, by this fact. :neutral_face:

lol pics!

Sure, why not. After all, this is the non-philosophical chat room. :sunglasses:

It’s literally just a few strands of hair that are now coloured, so barely noticeable… it’s a wash-in hair colourant,

well I use control gx shampoo cuz it gradually reduces the gray, but doesn’t eliminate it. You want a little gray because it makes you look smaht, but not too much. Wisdom sets limits to knowledge, too.

bro you are a man and you dye your hair???WTF

How comes they only make that gray-fade shampoo only for men?

I literally have like 20 strands of grey, so the wash-in conditioning colour option, is prefect. Yea, males look more maturer with that salt n pepper look, but I don’t know about smarter… ; )
Eating a dinner of lamb leg steak and sweet-potato mash… so hungry, after coming back from running some errands in town. The sight-seeing along the way, was fantastic.

“bro you are a man and you dye your hair???WTF”

No I SHAMPOO my hair with stuff that has dye in it. It isnt like a fuckin dye kit with gloves and shit, bro.

Now if you’ll excuse me, I’m exfoliating with a nice honey zinc cucumber paprika orange peel compound right now so I’m kinda preoccupied at the moment.

Top this yakkers: :sunglasses:

Then we can move on to the philosophical parameters of the points raised in the clip here: … 1&t=176529

That was a pleasure to watch… thanks Iam. :smiley:

I use an acid-free Dead Sea clay cleansing bar myself, together with an exfoliating facial loofah, for that clear and dewy youthful glow. And a Himalayan sea-salt body wash, used with exfoliating mitts for that all-over fresh n clean feeling… and always remember to moisturise, keeping everything organic.
Oh, your’s is a colour shampoo wash-in too Prom? The conditioning qualities in them are fantastic… my locks are now silky soft and zero greys too.

organic is a big time shit-pile for deluded hippie snowflakes with sub-optimal IQs, what we need is corporate and academic accountability and transparency and effective implementation of anti-trust laws so that those of us with bigger brains can pick things which are made and produced in ways which combine ethical behaviour with the power of bio-technology instead of spending fortunes on shit that does not work and is grown out on a pile of cow-shit so that it can be branded as ‘organic’ and be sold to people like you 20 times the cost of its production. right now…there is no in between…either get trash you have no control over or waste hardearned money on dumb organic shit that is waaaaay overrated. I don’t want an organic chicken…that’s goofy as fuck…I want a chicken that has not been tortured with as much steroids and drugs in him as possible without causing him anguish and deterioration and causing me health issues… Organic is one big corporate scam that needs to be ruthlessly fought off.

Organic foods and plants are grown with zero to minimal toxins, so definitely better for us, and I also use bio products… depending on what products are available and out there.

My health and energy has vastly improved since the transition to Organics. I agree that product accountability should be of foremost importance, but there isn’t much of that going on, and bio isn’t that much cheaper than Organic.

and when did you shift to organics???were you suffering from something at the time you began???and also…are you seeing all the people that did not shift to organic suffering the decrease in well-being that was alleviated by your shift??? this reminds me of the autistic idiots claiming the fabric in their clothing is ‘toxic’ when, in fact, they are organically deficient and hyper-sensitive to sensations that cause them to crush from an overload and the ‘toxicity of the fabric’(as if it was that easy to penetrate the skin/flesh barrier…) is a hoax they use to hide that truth from themselves and shift it elsewhere onto a 3rd party.