I think your name should be Darelydo.

How thoughtful of you! :confused:

wow… you are topping yourself these days… I am impressed…


He got people to respond to it.

Oh? as in say what?
Oh! as in I see?
Oh! as in I hurt?

Oh, I’m sorry.
I thought that our date was next Tuesday.
But …but… I have already made other plans for tonight but you can come along if you wish.
You may find the seminar interesting. It is called “Keeping the Details Straight in our Heads”.

Oh, as in, that was a brilliant evening. I was quoting Emerson (or trying to) “Oh my brothers, God exists.”

Your three were up there! :slight_smile:

I waited! Couldn’t find the seminar.

No problem. There is another seminar which I shall be attending this coming Saturday. Feel free to call me and we will set something up. It’s called Procrastination.
Stephen King will be the guest speaker.
His opening statement will be "“You’ve got to go to Boston, and you’ve got to go there NOW!!”

N.B.: This is not real, of course. :mrgreen:

Hmmm! Arc, I wonder… At what point does a lack of free-will become procrastination? Or, vice versa? :-k :slight_smile:

Keep wondering. It so enhances one’s life. :evilfun:

There is a point, when one experiences a lack of free-will, emotionally and mentally, where they “freeze up”. It is at this point where procrastination comes into the picture – unless one is able to transcend or plow through that “freezing” point.

Then it is a good thing to peddle back and try to reflect on what it was which caused that. There is always something which causes it and we might be quite surprised at the trigger.

Enjoy the wonder of it all…

Thank you! I will… :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile: