Ok, we get that but....

we see how several members of ILP, have dominated
ILP… with their useless threads/posts…
Mostly to state how they hate blacks and want an genocide of them…
and we got that point about 200 video’s into hating blacks and immigrants.
we get it, you hate blacks and immigrants… you want them all dead…
but we don’t get any further than that…ok, we hate blacks… and,
what do you suggest, outside of your desire to have a genocide of them…

and therein lies the problem with these clowns… they can’t get any
further than their hates…we hate blacks… ok, now what?
they can’t get anywhere beyond that statement… we hate blacks
and immigrants… because by their own definition, only black immigrants
are worth hating… and what actions do they suggest? ok, we got
genocide, but then what… they have no answers and that is their
biggest problem…they can hate, they have certainly proven that,
but do they offer us anything positive or useful? nah, that would requires
them to expand beyond their hate…to be creative or intelligent to
solve their alleged problems… which is black immigrants…
there is apparently no other problem in the world, outside of
black immigrants…nothing else to focus their hate on…
no other problem that needs to be addressed…
just kill the black immigrants and then paradise on earth…
Not exactly, but they can’t see past or beyond their hate…

we get that you hate blacks… ok, but what do you offer outside of
or beyond your hatred of blacks? do you have anything besides your hate?
or is hate all you got?


Are you referring to Lorikeet?
That’s the only one.
I don’t see it as a group dominating ILP.

Also Kropotkin/Smears hates Jews.

All forms of racism are, bien sur, projected forms of self hate.


The list goes on with racists like Smears and others mentioned.

eyeroll musical sock puppets


Peter’s biases, are always embedded into Peter’s posts… him not seeing it, is crazily-obtuse.
There are others here that have definitely been dominating and spamming the boards, for the last few years, and yet Peter fails to mention them… wonder why? :roll_eyes:

If he wanted it taken seriously he should’ve named names.

I’ll tell you a little story about blacks. 80% of their fathers were locked up.

I’ll tell you a little story about elephants. Their father was poached. The teenage elephants were killing everything in the African wilderness.

So they imported an adult male and the teenagers stopped killing anything they could find. Father figures work.

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Peter mut’ve heard about genetic engineering , where the issue grew out of the joke cited:

‘what species does a cross bred parakeet and a tiger result ?

Answer: don’t know but if it starts talking to you , you’d better listen.

Could’ve been a trumped up cover for pre election jitters.