Old Poem

This is a poem I wrote a fair few years ago, I was just probing the surface of existentialism to find solutions to the problems I was facing. To be honest it is the only poem I’ve ever written. It flowed quite naturally at the time but I haven’t felt the need since to write another one. Anyway I thought i’d share, feel free to comment or not…


Why this self-hatred?
The futility of it frustrates me,
It’s not me, existing here and now, who shall suffer for my failings
Rather I take vengeance upon my destiny
My fate is an innocent victim whilst I revel in an existential cowardice
I am hurling myself into a future which I create with a malicious indifference

‘Condemned to be free’?
Only if we condemn ourselves
I remain shackled by my imagination, observing reality from a distance
A reality infested with the malevolence of the mass mediocrity
However I am justly rewarded for my cowardice
My mind tortures me with beliefs and convictions
I have hopes, desires and dreams
Destined to remain unrealised
Whilst I refuse to embrace the Truth of anything or anyone
Except the worthlessness of Being,


Existentialism sounds depressing.

ha! Yeah i see why you see that. You’ve probably heard of existential angst which I guess is how I could interpret what I was experiencing but yeah it was depressing but ultimately liberating. Extremely liberating actually as my mind went all over the place in search of meaning!!