OMG, Your choice

OMG, Your choice

  • God Jehovah
  • God, the all knowing
  • God. the soul of the universe
  • God, the purpose of the universe
  • God, the self induced
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— Thou this is from a discussion about the proof of God, I thought, it would be interesting to see what you think of these definitions.

or a posteriori proof of God or any proof to anything first requires a definition of what the proof is for.
Since you did not provide that I will feel free to pick some.

The God Jehovah:
A God that created man to its own image mortal, fragile and bound to a microscopic fin layer of gas on a little rock between trillions of celestial giants.
Hey, good luck with this one.

The all knowing God:
One that created a predetermined universe and written all in a big book but still feels compelled to monitor all our activities and punish us for playing our assigned role.
Sounds like a bad Hollywood director.

The soul of the universe God:
This is the faintest of them all, I call it the God after science, since it gained this form after science has taken hold on the physical universe.
The one can not be unproven God makes it impossible to prove as well.
How convenient.

The purpose of the universe God:
My own assumption of a higher level of consciousness of the Universe.
This God can not be separated from us experiencing the universe and it is very much compatible with evolution, so I doubt you are interested in this one.

To the idea of a self induced God is an intriguing one. (assuming the Creator God)
If God must exist because we believe in it asserts that it did not exist before we started to believe in it ergo it did not exist before we did and could not create us or the universe therefor it is not God.

You can change your ‘mind’, and your choice later.

Actually, it is the amalgamation of no 3, 4 and 5, but you did not define it how it should be.

Actually, there is no creation whatsoever, because everything is eternal. Nothing can be created or destroyed. It is only change in the composition that gives the impression of the creation.

But, it requires a long explanation and that is not possible for me now.

with love,

We are the universe, at least a part of it. Which still makes us the universe. Things expand from what we see, what we do, what we experience. Our subjective individual experiences add up to the universes expansion as well. It also creates a sort of delusional sense for the man experiencing it subjectively.

How many actually still believe in God?
The turnout here wasn’t that Great!
Women goes to church to socialize, men goes because their wife does, and children has no choice.
Faith in God, or anything matters any more, or just a habit?

We are at the edge of a new era!
Just around the corner… a few more steps and we will see the future … how would it look … wait for it … just a bit more …

I believe in God. I do not believe in church.

I believe in the church to do it’s worse.
Do not believe in God to do it’s best.
There is ample proof for one, none for the other!

Do you believe outside of the church? :smiley:

Yep. :smiley:

If there is a God who is the source and sustainer of the universe, the God is far beyond what the human brain can fathom, hence is a matter of faith and belief.

Why would the source and sustainer of the universe give us a brain which, when used as designed, would produce a result which causes us to reject His existence?

Why would He want us to abandon reason in favor of blind faith?

He would not. There is free will.

What does free will have to do with it?

It seem to me that reason leads to God. Faith only smooths over the hills and valleys of the unknown and the inaccessible.

According to Kierkegaard, reason leads to the abyss of uncertainty. Faith requires a leap into the unknown, never into the unknowable. We have the free will to utilize such faith or to not do so.