I did the ancestry test, and im only 18% british!

What is the other 82%?

A higher percentage is Ireland (munster etc), also western Europe variation. Also links to middle eastern, Syrian, Lebanon, Armenian and some east Asian (Philippines), also some minor links to Native american Indian.

Well, aren’t you the global citizen? How do these results make you feel? What’s your reaction to it?

Bit odd, i figured i had like a really high british percentage. Some kids in school use to call me Chinese because of my eyes and some shop keepers said i looked arab, so it all makes sense now. Quite fascinating stuff to know really. It’s cool. I pretty much guess the irish part though, i felt a relationship to it, so it didnt really surprise me

Which identity do you most identify with?

That’s a good question actually. When i see welsh/irish people i feel a relationship with it, this is how i was raised, but when i see an arab or Philippine asian i feel some kind of connection. The interesting thing is that the connection is distinctly different, the European one seems self-containing, like it has a carnal aspect to it, a direct relationship with nature, almost solitary and wild. Then the arab/asian thing seems very feminine, communal and sharing…

What do you think of this?

I can definitely see the conflict of this whole identity process you have. Ultimately only you can choose what to affiliate with.

For me I am French, German, and Hungarian. The French and Hungarian influences within my ancestry is very minimal where I just identify as being German as that is much more dominant.

It really isn’t a conflict. It’s not a 50/50 divide or anything. It’s mostly exclusively European ancestry with some minor links to middle East and east Asia. So that must go way back.

I think the polarity of some of the diverser mixes are felt on the psyche more than a less diverse mix would be, which can tend to use up a lot more mental energy.

They made a mistake allowing me to view my own genetic history. If they truly knew what I conspire against, then these services would be illegal. I sharpen my sword in preparation for the all levelling reality that has fallen upon me.

Considered doing the test myself. Too expensive.

Which part of you likes to clean the house?

According to some of these tests, Americans are more “British” than British themselves. … 1820932637