On Poor White America Versus Liberal Misunderstandings.

The hypocrisy on display shows the contempt for non-Jews.

Imagine being the most influential group in the country, by a long shot, while being at the same time only 2% of the population and then go and talk about White privilege because Europeans in the country have a higher reputation for their trustworthiness.

Imagine having the chutzpah, lol, to go out and claim that Whites are racially biased to their own kind and that that would be something which needed to be corrected because muh equality while being the nepotistic elite in the country.

But the Jew-mind does not allow for such observations to be made, because it’s anti-Jewish. It’s anti-Jewish because Jews might end up falling out of favour in parts of the population and that is not allowed to happen. There is no justification in the world, in the Jew-mind, for people to not want to play that kind of game anymore.
Whites? - Well that’s different, here it’s fine, because it’s totally justified. Anything is justified against them, remember, they are evil*.

*Of course not all Whites are evil, those Whites who cheer or are at least content with the displacement and disempowerment of Whites are good Whites.
Excuse me for almost painting with a too broad of a brush here.

The so-called “monotheistic religions” are religions of the desert, namely: of the desert of the Arabian peninsula. So this religions do not fit Europe, especially not fit the colder climate zones of Europe.

Climate zones:

The “colder climate zones” I was talking about (see above): 1, 2, 3 (or: I, II, III).

Eyes Wide Shut wrote:

HA! you obviously have not read Harry Potter.

“Throughout all seven novels, a big topic of discussion is Harry’s destiny as “the Chosen One.” He’s the only person in history to be attacked by Lord Voldemort (the head bad guy) and survive, so Harry is famous pretty much from day one. By the end of the last book, Harry is acutely aware of his destiny as the Chosen One, recognizing that it he is the one who has to fight Voldemort. After all, it was prophesied, he is the chosen one, and somebody has to stand up to the evil wizard. Might as well be him, right?”

"Bless his little heart” :mrgreen:


This video may contain anti-Jewish messages.
Remember, it doesn’t matter if it’s true or not, whether it’s a fair representation or not.
If it may not be good for Jews then it’s anti-Jewish.

A liberal does not see the same reality that a conservative does. The two groups could view the same scene, newspaper article, legal document and have completely different interpretations.


It’s no accident to have smarmy, smirky people in managerial positions. The objective is to weaken European power and to do this it helps to have those kinds of people in managerial positions. It destroys social group cohesion.
While in earlier times the angle of attack was to stoke resentment among the working class against the elite of its time to replace said elite, today it’s about destroying social cohesion within the group at large.

This cannot be corrected with any form of argumentation. Effectively smarmy smirky people who are this by nature have to leave managerial positions to strengthen social group cohesion.

Unfortunately, this is true.

But it is also true that the Occident is declining. There is a demographic aspect too.

Do you mean that there are two reasons for those “smarmy, smirky people in managerial positions” and for the “objective … to weaken European power”?

There is one main reason, all others are subordinated to it. This one main reason is the decline of the West (cp. Spengler). The negative demographic development, the said "smarmy, smirky people in managerial positions“, the said "objective … to weaken European power“ are some examples for the consequences of the decline of the West. The weaker you are, the more blackmailable you are. Those who decide to weaken European power (thus: German power) are mostly Europeans or at least of European origin.

Europeans would resist this development, if they were politically unified. But they are not politically unified. The more “EU” and “Euro” they get, the less politically unified they are. There are too many powerful people who want to weaken Europe. So the political unification of Europe will probably never happen.

What will happen in Europe is a WAR in order to weaken Europe (thus: Germany). This was the result of the both world wars too. Each result led to more European weakness.

[tab]Greetings from Carthage:


So, Otto,you’re poor and educated. And white. Can you explain why you are all of these things? I mean why you are white and educated yet poor? I talk to poor white people a lot. Mostly, they’re mentally ill or lazy. Or they just don’t care much about money. Or they have a drug problem. What is your story?


That’s anti-White racism.

Replace the word “white” with the word “black”, and you’ll get this:


So, Alf. You’re not too strong on logic. Can you explain why you post on a philosophy website yet seem to know no logic? I talk to people who aren’t too strong on logic. Mostly, they’re good people. They’re just not too strong on logic.

By the way, I rarely talk to poor black people. Mostly because there aren’t too many black people, rich or poor, where I live. Most of them (poor black people that I talk to) have a drug problem. That’s just my experience.

Reporting my particular experience, without generalizing to all poor white people, or to all poor black people, is not racism. It’s just reporting on my particular experience.

No. Obviously, you are the one who is not too strong on logic.

It’s a fact that talking about “Blacks” like you do about the “White” Otto West is called “racism”. Say what you want, but that’s currently the legal regulation. You were not only reporting, you were suggesting too.

And now, you are hiding yourself behind a bogus argument.

The legal regulation? Have I broken a law?

Oh, my…

Many white liberals espouse an anti-white mentality.

Faust doesn’t mind being anti-White, actually it’s good manners to be anti-White among the “Inner Party” members. Some do so to stay in cover but many have simply adopted this mindset as their own.
If the boss doesn’t like cheesecake and sees it as a moral virtue to not like cheesecake then his employees will tend to also not like cheesecake. A few will feign it but many will simply learn to appreciate this new taste because of it. One could call it an acquired taste.

This anti-White hatred is not to be confused with the ‘hate’, ’bigotry’ and ‘racism’ which the Inner Party members like to project on the White working class and generally Whites not playing ball with the (((boss))), in this game of White dispossession.
Imagine saying that the current economic social paradigm is for making labor cheaper by flooding the country with immigrants who work for less money and have their social-economic ties and status still in their homeland where they send their money while the White working class has to compete against them in the local socio-economic realities and then insinuate that White people who are poor must have something wrong with them.

Says the increase of cheap labor is an inevitable part of the current economic social paradigm yet doesn’t understand how people are poor.

There are lots of college educated Whites who are already poor and there will be many more to follow that’s a reality and it’s also not surprising.
Thankfully the current elite and managerial classes (who will also experience a tightening around their neck) can always hide behind the magical properties of democracy which render those in power to be mere servants of the people and thus free of any charge.

To the starving people they said “Let them have cake”.
But actually that was never said by Marie-Antoinette, it’s attributed to her, projected, by the same kinds of people who are now openly admitting that the racial displacement and replacement of Whites in their homelands is social policy. Then they turn around and say: ”What’s wrong with you? Why are you poor? You have White privilege after all. :wink:

…No, they are not That mentally retarded, they are just seething with anti-White hatred.

For the record, while i am white, I am not a liberal. In fact, I am a registered Republican. That doesn’t make me necessarily a conservative on all issues, but neither does it make me a liberal. Neither am i anti-white. I am curious to know why any educated person, especially a white one, can be chronically poor. I do know that there can be reasons, some of which I have mentioned. None of those may be the reason why otto is poor, despite being educated. It could be a physical disability. I don’t know, which is why I am asking.

I can state unequivocally that i do not hate white people. I do not know what “inner party” means. I do support “cheap labor”. That’s another way of saying “increase in productivity” which is what produces affluence. I think you are referring to one mechanism for the creation of cheaper labor and not all of them, but it would be helpful if you could clarify.

I can tell you that i do not know many college educated white people who are poor solely because of economic conditions and none because of immigration. I hear the complaints, but cannot discern enough substance to deem them legitimate.

I do know many white people who are reasonably well off in part because of immigration. In the last hundred years or so, there have been millions of them. I have not known them all personally. It bears keeping in mind that income means nothing in this regard. All that counts is purchasing power, for the simple reason that money is worth only what it can buy. Discussing poverty solely in terms of income is nonsense.

Money can always buy cheap products and cheap mindsets which means that those cheapened lack integrity which is a liberal and Jewish way of life. I have an issue with your lack of integrity (your cheap mindset) through your support for cheap labor without using your noggin to see the consequences of the shortcuts you and other Americans take at the expense of our nation itself being overrun by uneducated, unskilled, non-assimilating illegal immigrants to the tune of over 30 million just so you can have a cheap roof and a few bucks in your pockets. Screw the other native USA citizens who cannot find work in the construction business or many other industries due to those illegal immigrants and the immigrants who stay here illegally on overextended visas so that Faust and his white cohorts can have a cheap this and that. You cheapen what it means to be a quality American who supports other quality Americans.

Was the entrepreneurial spirit born in the USA supposed to be at the expense of the USA? At little to no cost, you too can have your part of the American pie until its all gone…thanks for selling out our country so you and your anti-white buddies can have a few bucks in your pocket.