on the use of the ignore button....

Pedero apparently has me on ignore…which is certainly no loss to me…
but one must question it in another manner…and that is why?

In all my years here, since 2005, I haven’t put anyone on ignore…
even Ecum… and he is crazy…now, I may not answer him but I still
read him…just as I read all the post and threads, as I can, I still work
full time, over 30 hours a week and don’t have much time for reading
post/thread for days on end… but as I can, I read all the posts…

Now Pedreo has me on ignore… but I wonder as to why?

here are some thoughts… he brought us some vastly different threads
he had on ignore… and as I pointed out, those specific threads were on
quite different topics…4 threads and 4 different topics…

one was a political thread, one was a religious thread, one was a philosophical
thread and one was, economic, I think… now let us think about peredo… what
threads does he offer us? it is tough to isolate one because all his threads
have a sameness that is, well rather boring… he could put any thread and any
post in any order and it won’t change the meaning because he posts the exact
same thing, every time…so with that in mind, my guess is he has me on ignore
because I hurt his itsy, bitsy, tiny little brain with real thoughts… My post/threads are actually about
something, instead of reposting the exact same garbage…

I point out his allegiance to the “Members of the coalition of truth”
there isn’t a dumber group of people on ILP… I doubt, collectively, they
could outthink a paper bag…and he holds to their infantile beliefs…

now if he responds in any way, shape or form, he is lying about his
use of the ignore button…this is really a test… let us see if he bites…


I would never ignore you, Kropotokin ; ) …even tho our politico-religio leanings are (almost) on the opposite sides of those spectrums… I like to know what the other half are saying/have to say/how the other half lives… how very nosey of me indeed.

With regards to Pedro… I think something happened in Venezuela, that made him so… he left that sinking Venezuelan-ship for pastures anew/abouyant. Perhaps his tolerance is low?

PK’s posts are about the same 5 themes repeated :

Conservatives are awful, liberals are wonderful.

Trump is awful.

Capitalism is awful.

Philosophy ought to be done this way.

People ought to be doing this.


You don’t watch or click links on ILP.

That’s half the content here.

You’re not in a good position to call anyone anything here.

I can’t believe u people still read other people’s posts.

Bro. The solution to the problem is to ignore everyone, then u ain’t got to worry about the ignore button.

PK’s posts are about the same 5 themes repeated :

P: Conservatives are awful, liberals are wonderful.

K: I have multiple times attacks liberals… IN fact, I have begun a couple of
threads attacking liberalism and liberals… can you say the same thing with
an thread/post attacking your own position?

P: Trump is awful.

K: IQ45 IS AWFUL… and hands down, the worst president
in American history…it is a telling sign that the single most useful thing
he could do for America, is to drop dead tonight…that is not a good sign
that a person could be the most useful, dead…

P: Capitalism is awful.

K: and so it is, but I have also attacked communism… and I have suggested
the economic solution lies in some other fashion outside of capitalism and
communism…and in one thread, I even praised capitalism, that was the entire
thread, an attack upon my own position of the “evil” capitalism…

P: Philosophy ought to be done this way.

K: I have stated and will continue to state that we don’t actually engage with
philosophy… we study it and then go off and do whatever the hell we want…
ignoring the point and value of philosophy which is to help us understand
what it means to be human… we ought to be exploring our own possibilities…
philosophically including…

P: People ought to be doing this.

K: and you have ignored vast number of my posts/threads where I ask,
what is the point of existence… metaphysics… what can we know…
epistemology… what is beauty… Aesthetics…what should we be doing instead
of seeking happiness? should we be seeking knowledge? or wisdom? or engaged in
hedonism? the Kantian questions of existence… what can I know? what should I
hope for? What should I be doing? What values should I engage with? What should
I be spending my energy on?

all valid questions and questions ignored by the vast majority of ILP’ers…

are we seeking a TRUTH, a vast single TRUTH or do we seek our own
individual truths, that can and quite often do, conflict with the
ONE TRUTH as seen by others…I hold that there are a multiple
number of truths… because each of us holds to our own individual
truths… that there is no one SINGLE TRUTH that works for all human
beings… such as “there is a god”…what does that idea that there is
“no god” mean for us, individually and collectively?
how are we to understand morality/ethics without a religious point
of view? that was Nietzsche goal, to create an ethics that didn’t include
a religious/god viewpoint…an ethics solely from the human concern…

my own questions arise from a strictly philosophical standpoint…
what does it mean to be human?

so, what does it mean to be human?
I am sorry you think that is a “Limited” question…and one only Kropotkin
should engage with…

so, I ask a vast number of questions… but you choose to engage with
only a few of them…may as well ignore me then…


as Pedreo has me on ignore, I shall point out the unphilosophical
points of this… the entire point of philosophy is an engagement
with the truths and values we hold… individually and collectively…

but if we ignore others, devaluing their own philosophical positions,
then how are we to get to a real understanding of the important
aspects of philosophy… we must open our minds to the possibilities
that exists for all of us and the only way to reach that is by opening
up our ability to engage with other possibilities… we
learn by comparing and contrasting our own positions with others…
we if refused to compare and contrast our own positions with others,
then how can we learn? how is pedreeo going to learn his own position,
which is best learned by an engagement with other thoughts and beliefs…

I learn by reading and working out what others believe in… to put someone
on ignore is to refuse to read their works… which is to say, there is but one
way and that way is my way… pedreeo has decided his thoughts and beliefs
are set and perfect, just as they are…but he will never be able to learn
and understand if he puts all opposing viewpoints on ignore… how is he
going to grow and understand if he refused to engage with and understand
other viewpoints…

to ignore is to end any movement or progress in learning what it means
to be human… he is now trapped into one set of beliefs and until
he learns to engage with other viewpoints, he will always be trapped
into that one and one only viewpoint…


Peter, if you want to keep your promise…

I’ll give you these three videos of mine:




If you can’t watch all three in full, you have no capacity to defend your charge of insanity of me.

And what are yours?
Conservatives are lovely, liberals are stupid

Trump is my wank fantasy

Capitalism is wonderful

Philosophy ought to be done this way.

You asked why Pedro might have you on ignore.

I gave you my opinion … Your posts are repetitive. And they target particular groups in a pretty negative way.

It’s not surprising that someone with a conservative, pro-capitalism leaning would not be interested in reading the same criticisms.

Maybe you could try a few posts where you write good things about conservatives. Just a suggestion.

Left a sinking ship for greener pastures?

I swallowed a fair amount of tear gas in my life, for someone like you to question me. If someone walked into your house, killed your family and locked you in the basement, and you broke out, you wouldn’t be “leaving a sinking ship for greener pastures.”

Have some respect.

And I was there when the shortages happened, and I had to pick people’s unfinished lunches from the sidewalk (never stole or robbed anyone, so the old socialist trope means nothing to me, just an excuse for cowards to be cowards) and be abused (not sexually, two people would have died) by the communist police and military, I ate my share of shit. I saw what generations of people had built get taken over and destroyed in matters of months, an entire oil extracting powerhouse be taken to bankruptcy, everybody I knew with money fleeing, everybody I knew without a cent fleeing also a few years later. Fat motherfuckers whose curriculum was having been a syndicate thug take charge of whole industries and run them to the ground, while living in multimillion dollar mansions in Miami, with billions in the bank, universities that use to churn out world-sought after graduates become squat houses. I saw that shit, not because someone told me, but with my very own fucking eyes.

For someone like you to question me. Who never wanted for nothing. Who gratiously accepted the gifts of a global economic powerhouse without questioning where any of it comes from.

For me it’s like when the Jews started getting rounded up in the first towns in Germany, and they fled to some other town telling horror stories about the nazis, and people going 'oh they just say that cause they had a bad experience." Yeah no shit. But maybe those people saying that, deep down, believed those dirty Jews should have been rounded up. Maybe it’s not so much that they thought the escapees were biased, but that they were actually down with the system.

I met this cocksucker the other day, old friend of the girl I was with, but the girl was not an absolute idiot and aware that the China cold lockdown is a hoax, and he was saying how he wouldn’t agree with people becoming outlawed iof they didn’t get a vaccine, and we pointed out that it was already happening, and his answer was “well maybe he should get the fucking vaccine then.”

What happened in Venezuela didn’t open my eyes to the horrors of communism, I was aware of those already. What it opened my eyes to was the cowardice of people who pretend to be sane, but will find any excuse to legitimize thugs and murderers. Just how few decent people exist in the world. That’s what it opened my eyes to.

And for the better. Now I know.

That’s cuz them capitalists and fake-ass marxists fucked ur whole country up, bruh.

You get a pass because you are straight up traumatized and not the brightest.

Mags doesn’t have that excuse.

I’ve always known mags wuz smahter than me.

Indeed. Here is another man’s take on the situation there. At least through 2018.

nacla.org/news/2018/05/18/unite … -venezuela

The evil capitalists. The evil socialists.

And it’s not like they can ignore each other.

Lol, she’s not walking around talking about ghosts and spirits.

You don’t even have the balls to say any of what you have to say as yourself. You need an avatar to say anything.

You are the lowest of the low. Scum.

I smell dasein here. :laughing:

Yeah, I guess it’s all dasein in the end anyway, fuck it.

But what if we are spirits in the material world?