One immortal mofo of a speech

Over and over, again and again mankind reaches into the distant future to gather what’s needed to guarantee his own immortality. Beyond the valleys of his mirth and within sight of the joyful peaks of his spirit lie the rolling hills of eternal bliss which allow him to dream of a world beyond condemnation and punishment, a world rich enough to be free of the moralist endeavor which has tainted the history of man. Again and again man himself rediscovers his own divinity in a bid to cement his right to the world before not only his greatest ancestors and the kingdom over which they reigned but even before his own most distant immortal future. Only thus can man ever truly come to believe in himself before all that would otherwise rule him, only thus does he find himself truly great before all that would stand against him throughout history. The culture mankind needs to possess in order to properly succeed in this endeavor is to be found not only in the ways of his forefathers but also through the creation and experimentation accorded his own intrepid existence in the present. Here, beyond even the ultimate ways of man at the end of history we find the true pinnacle of human evolution, the superhuman culture of those immortal communities who enjoy the highest type of sucession from the lie of millennia.

May we forever exalt this neverending process of man overcoming himself that he may achieve the destiny we always believed him capable of. For surely, eons could pass before that truly immortal circe of man which guarantees the future has finally and completely come to be under the yolk of truth. Thus only will mankind step immortally into a future of his own chosing, thus only would our pride and passion have it be.


In order for him to be capable to do that he must undo the damage of relinquishing humanity as mortality as mere Darwinian development.

How? Retroactive analysis sees development as succeeding changes permeitated by major demarcations of patterns of change, in tune as well with retroactive lengthening of time frames in-between. Thus, intentionality will always react to the same retroactive accumulation of decreasing relevant patterns of identifiable intentionality as apart from the regression to zero , where zero attributes a god for throwing man into creation.

If such changing patterns can be attributed to the relentless loss of God’s original plan , then he can’t be held responsible for letting man have freedom.

Yes, indeed.