One marks of coming of Christ is fulfilling soon!

Dear PereiFB,
The Jehovah’s Witnesses are putting allot of effort into this verse and concept, and I’m not sure if any other Xian organization has preached in as many lands as they have. Lo, they even try to preach to Muslims [very dangerous!!!]. They have printed literature in 206 different languages, I think…

So, what will your theoretical Jesus do during is “dominance”?
Will he crush and put an end to all wickedness on earth?
Will he turn the other cheek and love his enemies?
Or will he calmly and slowly solve humanities problems in a concervative, mild and patient manor?

What is “the end”? What proof is there of this “end”? What’s stopping “the end” from happening tomarrow?

What do you have other then old claims and promises?
What did they have?
They’re all dead.

that’s right,it’s like dr.ray said:
“if only the dead could come back and tell us what they think about God”