Only_Humean: A Poll for Praise

Who is the greatest Moderator?

  • Only_Humean
  • MagsJ
  • Uccisore
  • Dan~
  • Flannel Jesus
  • Carleas
  • Normal Jesus
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He must be the best philosophy moderator there is.
Completely absent, and yet the forum is free (save of course yours truly and other Nietzscheans and remnants of Schopenhauerians) of idiots and goons.
This is the art, making it look easy.

So the only good moderator, is an absent moderator? that makes (convenient) sense.

All mods are pretty good here.

Okay I changed up the poll answers so maybe its even possible to give an answer for a normal person who isn’t insane or angry!


Well, Carleas is down in duplicate, and besides he, Dan~, and I, the others haven’t frequented the boards in months… if not years.

Ahhh, you forgot Uccisore.

When the hell was Uccisore removed? Da hell… how did I miss that. :open_mouth:

This is to all intents and purposes a mod less forum and is a good thing both in principle and practice
With no more than four members on at any one time it is not really necessary to have any mods here
In fact given the slow speed of discourse I sometimes wonder how the forum still manages to survive

Philosophy Now is virtually the same : two mods who do as little as possible but always delete posts without notification which is standard practice there
More ad homs than here but still quite benign and as with here as well a rather small membership that usually has no more than four on at the same time

I like the intimacy and openness of both so hope they remain up for as long as possible

Currently very few users on either forum at the moment but many more lurkers who do not post in threads but just read them

Philosophy Now : 2 users - I bot - 50 lurkers / I Love Philosophy : 2 users - 3 bots - 38 lurkers[/b]

Fixed it. Yeah where is Uccisore damn it where is that dude


That’s a lotta lurkers… probably getting money-making ideas from here/there. Scum!

I wonder what the most active Philosophy forum is? on Facebook, perhaps? lol

Not moderating here anymore, that’s for sure…

Come on you really are gonna complain we have an audience?
I always write with the lurkers, present and future, in mind. If it wasn’t for lurkers how would I get my ideas out into the big bad world through this most friendly portal?

I count on my ideas getting ‘stolen’.

The bird-realm .

He’s not in your wine cellar eating the mould for psychoactive results?

They don’t translate as intended, so that somewhat softens the blow… they are lacking.

I think you’ve made that up… can we post on make-believe sites? apart from in our mind.

If I had a wine cellar, I would go check… but I don’t, so I won’t, because I can’t… life moves on and so did Uccisore.

I think that MagsJ is the best of the options.

MagsJ has learned some discipline over the years, I’ll give her that.

Thanks Exuberant. : D

Thanks BH… I’d say so too. I think at one point trolling me was an ILP sport… but I prevailed.

Carleas gets my vote.

Yes, and youve courageously purged the site of antisemites and generally racists. Its like the only place online where racism, either explicit or in political correct implied racism isn’t one of the grounding assumptions.

Very ugly the world has become and you stood your ground and kept civility intact.
When you were being trolled I was being trolled at least as much, some ten posters were continuously slandering me on several forums at once. Weird times. The second Obama term was the truly uncanny guest of nihilism. Obama, the disappointment.
If I read my posts from the first Obama term Im the most explicit liberal and supporter of him on the site.
I just… had to change my mind during that bleak time around 2014 when we were so close to world-destruction and human slavery had been nationalized in several countries our “civilization” had “liberated”.
Most mods gave up or in that time, you stuck around. WHY???
but thanks.

The least I can say of MagsJ is that she is a kind person, with no self interested polirival designs.

I like being an all-encompassing being Meno_ and I like effecting positive change, but it shouldn’t be at the detriment of others or ourselves, but sometimes it is, and then we suffer, when change is forced on us by Governments and such.

Enforced change breeds hatred, and then the world wonders why we are in this current state of Nationalism and upheaval… upheaval, so that an enforced agenda can be implemented and the vulnerable continued to be taken advantage of, ergo Weinstein and Epstein.

Humean is awesome, but MagsJ is my fav.