Open letter to the neophytes

I want to explain a further point. We can choose who we want in our world, how many people and what bodies we and they have.

The greatest pride of people should be their greatest shame… an exclusive partner.

We all want protection, vigor, sharp memories without confusion, fun, mutual experiences of Beauty amongst other aspects …

I want to call upon each spirit for this offer…

It is our evolution and birthright.

There are lots of tools at disposal

Our bodies and hearts are ours to do with as we please.

We can copy this planet billions of times so that each person has their own world, then, each person supplies a copy of their body, and, under the condition of non abuse, we are allowed to sculpt the hearts of the copies with their memories.

Let me give an example:

It would be very compassionate to walk into a gay bar and pick a gay man up. I’m not gay though, that is my boundary. But I can offer a copy of myself whose orientation is sexual towards a specific person in such a way that this copy enjoys it in the other world. It’s my body to do this with, I just need to monitor that it will be respectful of my copy.

Let me give another analogy. There are two gardeners, one loves gardening so much that it not only doesn’t feel like work, they are invigorated when done; the other person struggles and feels drained when they are done.

When we sculpt hearts, it will always be the former.

In this way, we can experience each other in different ways without violating anyone, respecting both our individuality and mutually exclusive desires being accounted for in an respectful and dignified manner.

Copy and paste also allows for sustainability … I can copy my 20 year old lungs to myself whenever I need them, allowing for sustainable smoking etc…

People will ask “what if I don’t want to give you my copy like that?”

Think about this, it is a world of no harm, just joy and passion for each of us.

Would you rather be the holdout in a world where millions of sex slaves are being trafficked each year? Bombings? Diseases?Etc…

When that heart comes back to you, all the memories will be good.

If someone wants this, but they can’t respectfully do it, we can offer them a heart of non abuse.

The point is to evolve. To enjoy, be protected.

I repeat to this, your greatest pride is your greatest shame, an exclusive partner.

Once you truly realize this… you are with me, in what is actually true.

So you may not.want to give a copy of yourself but how about a copy of a.copy or a copy of.a copy of a.copy of a.copy of a.copy of a.copy. of a.copy?.what.if it wouldn’t.cost you much more, what.if that person would pay you much more.tham what it would cost you , except.deducted from it, the measure of dishonesty?

What then, could you account for the.pain of your intentions?

Could you account.for.that?

Like.william.burroughs used to say, the young.need it special.

You’re speaking incoherently, come to my spirit and ask