Open letter to Trump on student debt/higher education

Look, Trump. You’re doing a good job in most areas. But if you don’t do something about higher education, I will not vote for you.

Universities have become cesspools of propaganda and reeducation in radical leftist ideology, suppressing freedoms of speech and assembly, brainfucking the next generation for political purposes, and running a debt slavery ring on top of that where students are forced into indentured servitude just for wanting to get a higher education. Years down the road after a college student has graduated, his life will be crippled for decades due to paying off this massive debt, which he accrued in order to get brainwashed propaganda reeducation newspeak radical leftist nonsense, and hopefully some halfway decent actual education somewhere in there.

You need to do something about universities. Student loans, hyper-inflated tuition. The leftist takeover and loss of freedoms. Loss of academic rigor, social justice courses that have nothing whatsoever to do with reality. The seemingly endless administrative bloat. You at least need to speak about these issues so they can get some more traction.

Student debt is killing an entire generation. So do something about it.

If they don’t like the product/service, then they don’t have to go to the colleges. What are you, some kinda lefty? They can’t afford it, the loans will cripple them? Work harder? YOu really want the government to tell private business owners what they can charge for their products? They can go to city colleges and get their lefty propaganda on the cheap.

Don’t want to spend decades paying back a mortgage, don’t buy a house. This is the same thing.

This ain’t the USSR, yet anyway.