Opinion on Evolution by Nation graph

Source unknown, allegedly reliable.

“its just a theory”

I like to see a graph like that about the theory of gravity.

And your point is?

I wouldn’t have assumed America was only second from bottom. Bottom half maybe but right down with Turkey?


Have you heard of our famous “southern bible belt” ? Christianity in the U.S. has some particularly virulent forms of fundamentalism probably only surpassed in some of the middle east countries. America has historically resisted evolution among religious groups. It isn’t any better today. I’m surprised we weren’t dead last. :laughing:

Yeah, that’s correct.

“Bulgaria= 35% (approx) unsure”

You know a nation’s in bad shape intellectually when the percentage of Bulgarians who aren’t sure if evolution is true or not is almost as high as the percentage of Americans who actually believe evolution to be true. I mean, that’s a lot of undecided Bulgarians…

Is the Young Earth Creationism/Creation Science thing an English-Language phenomenon?


I suspect so, although I think the activists are predominately American. We seem to generate the more extreme versions of all the creationist ideology. I’m sure there are pockets of creationist theology scattered any place you find Christianity, but Americans are the main proponents.

I suspect their undecisiveness stems from lack of appropriate knowledge about the whole theory of evolution thing. Evolution is not taught in school and I suspect little fuss is made over it all round. Being that in Bulgaria the prevalent religion is Eastern Orthodoxy, I assume that neither would it cause much of a stir to start digging around for evolution pundits. Eastern Orthodoxy is characterised by strongly emedded tradition and its more or less mechanical repetition. The Church is in its own right divorced from any internal political affairs and never comes out to express official standpoints regarding matters of faith or dogma, like, say, the Catholic Church. Although its patristic bibliography is marvellous, the Orthodox Church has a benign role on society on the whole, role which is usually reduced to a couple of abstruse and fairly meaningless gestures. It would really mean no capital thing to side on one or the other part of the creation barricade, hence the issue is given little to no importance.

I have always liked the idea that the ‘Big Bang’ was a clap of hands and all in the cosmos evolved from there. :wink:

As a beeradvocate (shameless plug: beeradvocate.com), I’m gonna say that X-TREME isn’t limited to Young Earth Creationism (OH, AND BTW, I’m more Christian than you!!! All your Christ are belong to us!) it applies to nearly every other aspect of American culture.

Look at how we eat.

Look at how we shower.

Look at how we dress.

Look at how we drink.

Look at how we pray.

Look at how we drive.

Look at how we live.

The idea of the extreme seems to be an integral part of American culture and it shows in everything we do.


I find you quite funny, X