Are there no opposites?

Is every opposite a false dichotomy? A mere abstraction?

Can every apparent opposite/contradiction be correctly framed as whole/privation. ends of a spectrum (so not true dichotomies), complementaries or unity/members, and so forth?

Can anything truly be & exist alongside the opposite of what you meant?

Isn’t contradiction the proof of error because it cannot obtain?

All mere abstractions that do not contact reality are either mathematization that does not map on, or figments of imagination that cannot be realized for whatever reason.

This does not rule out … ____________.

I read that north and south pole magnetism have a negative and positive effect on a person’s body.
This does not mean north and south are opposites.
They are degrees of left and right, i believe.

If I got a do-over, I’d def nerd out endlessly on this stuff:


researchgate.net/publicatio … xperiments