organisms that live for millennia found deep inside the eart

Pezers “Earth Molecule” theory begins to make more sense now. … -organisms

"Lloyd said: “The strangest thing for me is that some organisms can exist for millennia. They are metabolically active but in stasis, with less energy than we thought possible of supporting life.”

Rick Colwell, a microbial ecologist at Oregon State University, said the timescales of subterranean life were completely different. Some microorganisms have been alive for thousands of years, barely moving except with shifts in the tectonic plates, earthquakes or eruptions."

Yeah man, some of those critters thrive off radioactive decay deep in the earth in substitution for the sun. In my opinion, they simply evolved and came into existence down there. I don’t think the genesis of life ended after the genesis, but carries on daily.

Makes you wonder what they’ll find in the subterranean ocean, but even if they did find anything bigger and more sentient than a microbe, would they tell us?